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April 9 2017 We Live by the Sun Feel by the Moon Weekly Horoscope

General for Week Commencing: Monday 10 April 2017

   Aries Monday 10 April 2017  Mar 21 - Apr 19
Dear Aries, things seem to be heating up in your personal zone again. Venus gets a reality check from Saturn on Monday, but luckily Chiron is there to dress the wounds and give you understanding regarding a relationship issue that you have been puzzling over. With Mercury going retrograde at the same time, you may be appraising your self worth in accordance with how others value you. Don’t over react though, it’s best to pause before leaping into something that you may not fully understand yet. This becomes a continued theme on Tuesday with the full Moon across your partnerships axis, instantly followed by a Moon Uranus opposition. Relationship issues could come to a head now, urging you to contemplate your independence with regards to your business or personal partnerships. By Wednesday the Moon moves into Scorpio, giving you the opportunity to deeply consider what might not have been obvious before, and when Venus stations direct on Saturday, you will finally receive the help you need.
   Taurus Monday 10 April 2017  Apr 20 - May 20
Dear Taurus, Venus squares Saturn this week in your house of friendships, giving you a serious view of the company that you have been keeping. It’s better to be socially restrained now, than unequally yoked with somebody. By Friday when she stations direct, you will know which friends are good company, and which ones are dragging you down. Mercury goes retrograde this week in your personal sector, asking you to refine the way in which you verbally project yourself in your surroundings, and smooth off any rough edges in your communicating style. The gorgeous full Moon across your health and service axis will draw attention to the fact that you can’t do anything for others until you have sorted out any areas within yourself that need attention. Self love and acceptance are the primary steps in working with this energy so that you can open up the doorway for service to others. By Friday, when the Sun crosses over Uranus, you will have clear insight into how to move forward with this theme.
   Gemini Monday 10 April 2017  May 21 - Jun 21
Dear Twin, Venus picks up a Saturn square this week, giving you a cautious and self controlled approach concerning your career aspirations. She acquires a bit of advice from Chiron on Friday regarding the healing of your public profile and when she stations direct on Saturday you will have the plans in place to start renewing your reputation so that you can secure your path to success. The all important Mercury, ruler of your Sun sign, goes retrograde through your psychological zone on Monday, giving you the feeling that you are waiting for events to unfold, but unsure of exactly what they are. Don’t be hasty to jump to any conclusions, listen to your inner voice on this one. The answers will come soon enough, and maybe even from an unexpected source. The fabulous full Moon on Tuesday, across your social awareness axis, brings you face to face with the creative and charismatic theme of community contribution. How can you shift your ego to one side so that you can compassionately serve the community with your creative power? Once the Sun invigorates Uranus on Friday, you will have your answer.
   Cancer Monday 10 April 2017  Jun 22 - Jul 22
Dear Crab, when Venus goes into square with Saturn in your wisdom zone this week you may be rethinking your philosophic beliefs. Towards the end of the week Venus gets some healing advice from Chiron, and then when you have finally pinned down what your ideologies really are, she stations direct and asks you to release the brakes so that you can shoot ahead spiritually. Mercury turns retrograde over your friendships arena, reminding you to be the type of supportive companion that you seek in others. The next day there is a wonderful full Moon across your home and career axis, which brings to light the fact that in order to have a balanced and healthy home and career life, you need to nurture your awareness towards servicing both areas constructively. By Wednesday when the Moon has moved free from the Sun’s light, and is transiting through the sign of Scorpio, you may find you are able to give this subject deep and honest thought. The answer will appear towards the end of the week when the Sun illuminates Uranus in your career centre.
   Leo Monday 10 April 2017  Jul 23 - Aug 22
Dear Lion, Venus through your arena of other people’s resources, gets a sharp reality check when she picks up a square from Saturn this week. Your focus has been on survival, and now Saturn has brought this issue forward for immediate resolution. Venus gets a good dose of healing power from Chiron on Friday which helps you to make some decisions, and when she goes direct on Saturday you will have acquired the determination to ask the questions that will get your needs met this time, and allow you to bring your earning capacity back into reality. With Mercury retrograding through your career sector there may well be some linked themes. What do you need to review when it comes to the career choices that you have made lately? The inspiring full Moon across your learning axis will expand your understanding of yourself and what you want from life. It’s an excellent day for some learning, so grab a book on ancient civilizations and let your mind wander. Your interests in humanity are cultivated even more on Friday when the Sun ignites Uranus in the same zone.
   Virgo Monday 10 April 2017  Aug 23 - Sep 22
Dear Maiden, with Venus square Saturn giving you a serious take on current relationships, and in your relationship sector, you can’t but take note of any tensions at play within your own partnerships. As Venus moves on she picks up the key to this controversy from Chiron, and uses it to heal any cracks in your own understanding of what relationships mean. When she finally stations direct on Saturday, you will have a much clearer focus on your role in any relationships that you are struggling with. The ruler of your sign is going retrograde in your world philosophy house. Use these three weeks to review any smaller details that you may have taken for granted while you were too busy. Tidy it up, and you will find that later there is a path cleared before you. The full Moon on Tuesday falls across your money axis, so be prepared for themes of power, money and earning potential. Deal with them now so that they don’t fester later. The Sun Uranus conjunction on Friday will give you the insight you need.
   Libra Monday 10 April 2017  Sep 23 - Oct 23
Dear Scale Bearer, you are a busy bee this week with a Venus Saturn square in your house of routine. You may be forced to minimise your work load and give everything a good tidy, so that you can free yourself up to become more efficient. When Venus goes direct on Saturday you will know what you want, and start to work for it. There is a three week period while Mercury is retrograde, for you to count your pennies and can cut lose any unnecessary burdens, or pick up some forgotten assets. The full Moon across your relationship axis will no doubt draw your attention to any stresses that you may be feeling in one or more of the relationships that you are engaged in. It’s a good week to weigh up whether things are fair, both from your side and theirs. What are your expectations of them, and vice versa? When the Sun conjuncts Uranus on Friday you might come up with some intuitive insights.
   Scorpio Monday 10 April 2017  Oct 24 - Nov 21
Dear Scorpio, Venus is doing quite a few things in your pleasure zone this week. There will be a chance for real artistic flair when she squares Saturn and picks up the discipline and focus to tackle whatever creative challenges may come her way. This is not without help from Chiron who soothes any rough edges in preparation for when Venus starts to speed off and develop your artistry to the next level. Mercury begins to retrograde in your relationships area which will give you the opportunity to review any misunderstandings or misconceptions that have occurred recently with regards to communication with partners. This is also highlighted by the full Moon on your service axis, as you will most likely have to deal with the balance between serving others, and looking after your own mental health. This will pass once the Sun crosses past Uranus on Friday and enlightens your mind.
   Sagittarius Monday 10 April 2017  Nov 22 - Dec 21
Dear Centaur, you mind is on home and family this week, and this is triggered by Venus taking on a square from Saturn in your home zone. You may be faced with some serious thought about bringing more discipline into your home environment, and that could include themes around the current family members. Venus soon conjuncts Chiron as well, and picks up a healing vibration that she uses to help her understand both sides to the story. Once she goes direct on Saturday you will have the ability to move forward with a new lease on life. Mercury starts his retrograde at the beginning of the week in your house of work and routine. It’s a good opportunity over the next three weeks for you to review your routines and narrow them down to a fine art. The full Moon across your axis of fun will definitely add a bit of adventure to your week, but be mindful of creative overload.
   Capricorn Monday 10 April 2017  Dec 22 - Jan 19
Dear Goat, this is a contractual week for you, with Venus getting a dose of seriousness from Saturn in your house of paperwork. I think you need to read everything really well, especially that Mercury is also retrograding at the same time. Venus is also asking you to consider the way that you communicate to siblings and people in your immediate environment. Chiron is close by to give her some help that will soften your tone, and when she moves forwards on Saturday you may have a whole new spin on things. There is a full Moon across a strategic part of your zodiac that deals with home versus career. Any tensions that have been brewing within this theme may come to the surface now so that they can purge, and bring healing. When the Sun passes by Uranus in the same zone, you will have a clearer idea of what you can do to bring more harmony into these two areas of your life.
   Aquarius Monday 10 April 2017  Jan 20 - Feb 18
Dear Water Bearer, you have your values on your mind, and this becomes very apparent when Venus picks up a square angle to Saturn at the beginning of the week. You may need to sort out your resources and bag those things that are no longer bringing in the dosh. This is always a tough subject but Venus has help in the form of Chiron, who gives her some confidence and a big dose of commitment, to share with you. When Venus finally starts to go direct on Saturday you should have a far clearer idea about how to confidently draw in that which you desire. Over the next three weeks Mercury is going to be retrograding and you will have a chance to review your foundations, and assess whether you are still on the path that you intended for yourself. The full Moon will open your mind to greater truths, which are further energised when the Sun stands side by side with Uranus on Friday.
   Pisces Monday 10 April 2017  Feb 19 - Mar 20
Dear Fish, your self projection is on feature in this week’s Venus movements as she picks up a challenging angle from Saturn and asks you to take stock of your personal image. This is so that you can make the right impression on those that you can benefit from. Once Venus starts to go direct on the weekend, you will have polished up your act enough to start making changes in your world. There is also a glorious full Moon across your money sector that is sure to draw out any issues that you have concerning self value, and earning capacity. The work that Venus is doing on your personal image can count in your favour now as it will boost your confidence, and when the Sun conjuncts Uranus on Friday your mind opens to all things new. It’s also time to review the way you have been communicating within your familiar circles. If there have been any misunderstandings between yourself and a sibling, it is time to clear the air, and move ahead.

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