Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams Sudden Tragic Death

Robin Williams Natal chart and Transits at Death.

Robin Williams Natal Chart born July 21, 1951 in Chicago, IL.  He has a Grand Trine in the water signs between his Moon, Mars/Uranus, and his ascendant. Water trine people are highly intuitive and are very much feeling oriented. When one of the transiting planets hits that trine, it's like plugging something electric into a circuit.  When one planet gets energized,  all three get lit up like a Christmas tree.  Transiting mars was just that planet to light things up.  What it specifically did was it intensified Robin's emotions.  Plus,  it also triggered his Mars (action) Uranus (sudden change) in his eighth house of death. Look at the report below, this was something that was only intensified for four days.

Also,  transiting sun conjunct the lord of the chart, his natal pluto, was exact at the time of death. I think it was the TR sun plus the Natal Pluto that put him over the edge.  If you read the report below, that was only exact for 2 days. If he would have just worked through that, the intensity of it would have passed.  I read just recently that Robin had checked into a rehab clinic in July for alcohol abuse.  Alcohol stuffs your emotions inside of you and when you detox, whatever you have been repressing comes out, whether you want it to or not.  It was the combination of the three (detox, transiting mars trigger, transiting sun trigger) that was too much for him to bear.

Take a look at Robin's Destiny and Decisions Report which tells the who what where how long about transits.  If he would have just hung in there for a couple days the feeling he was feeling would have passed.

Order one of our Destiny and Decisions Astrology Reports today so you can see how the planets are influencing your psyche. You can see from the report below that had Robin had waited just a couple of days the intensity of what he was feeling would have passed.  This report shows you the light at the end of the tunnel.  When will this feeling pass? All the answers are here.

Libra Moon Astrology Destiny and Decisions Report

Jul 8, 2014           (Jul 7, 2014 to Aug 15, 2014)                         .

TRANSITING SUN IN THE NINTH HOUSE--When the Sun transits this house of your Natal chart, it influences the departments of life most strongly affected by the individual will and power potential. Ninth house position indicates a time of dynamic interest in spiritual and religious pursuits, especially in realms of higher education, religion, law, and philosophy. You have a highly intuitive mind, and may have flashes of inspiration that can help you to solve problems. You could have visions of the future that border on prophecy during this time. You are likely to be interested in distant places and their culture, art forms, and traditions. You will probably have strong moral convictions by which you guide your life. Your beliefs may not be traditional, and you need to be extremely careful to avoid any tendency to impose your religious and moral views upon others.

Jul 19, 2014          (Jun 7, 2014 to Dec 25, 2014)                          

TRANSITING PLUTO OPPOSITE NATAL MARS--This can be a tough transit to handle, for the energies are so deep and the desire for action so strong that it can be hard to maintain control. It can certainly be a good time for getting difficult things done if the energy can be harnessed and controlled in positive ways. You must watch your ego for it may try to overpower others. There can also be a struggle of egos in which others try to overpower you. You have a strong desire to "win" in all things during this transit. This can be a good influence as long as you do not use it to the detriment of others. Pluto's energies are released for the common good, and if your motives are purely selfish, they probably will not prevail. However, you can reach a greater understanding of self during this time, and will have the courage to confront difficult situations and difficult people where it is necessary, and where it can be done without domination. The transit can give you an opportunity to increase your self image and personal and psychological strengths, as long it does not damage the psyche of others.

Jul 22, 2014          (Jun 12, 2014 to Aug 31, 2014)                         

TRANSITING URANUS OPPOSITE NATAL NEPTUNE--This is a generational aspect, indicating a period of uncertainty and unrest. Governments will fall and people will feel confused about world affairs and their own country. Deceit and deception in government and political affairs will be common. Personal influences from this transit could include lack of trust, confusion, and paranoia. Seek positive spiritual guidance, and be sure that any psychic abilities are used for the greater good during this time.

Jul 24, 2014          (Jul 23, 2014 to Aug 11, 2014)                       

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE NINTH HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. In the ninth house transit, it arouses an interest in higher education, or professions requiring advanced degrees. Many teachers and professors have Mercury in this house. Interest in philosophies can be strong. Your decisions include moral and ethical considerations as well as the practical. You need to guard against intellectual pride and snobbery, during this time. Don't allow yourself to become dogmatic and sectarian in your opinions and beliefs.

Jul 31, 2014          (Jul 30, 2014 to Aug 30, 2014)                       

TRANSITING VENUS IN THE NINTH HOUSE--Venus transiting in the houses influences how you express yourself romantically, artistically and socially in the various areas of your life. Ninth house position brings you a love of art, religion, and philosophy. You will love to travel and will be especially receptive to people of other cultures. You could marry someone from a foreign country, and much happiness can come from in-laws relationships during this transit. You could also become a scholar in foreign cultures.

Aug 7, 2014      3 PM (Aug 7, 2014 to Aug 8, 2014)                            

TRANSITING MERCURY TRINE NATAL JUPITER--This transit expands the mind. It favors all types of business and commercial activity, as it is an excellent time for planning for the future and creating organizational systems. Although Jupiter is sometimes called the "lucky" planet, these things do not happen through luck, but rather through hard work, which the mind is opened up to realize during this time. You are optimistic and positive in your thinking, which, when applied with luck, can lead to phenomenal success.

Aug 9, 2014      2 AM (Aug 9, 2014 to Aug 10, 2014)                           

TRANSITING MERCURY SEXTILE NATAL NEPTUNE--Positive imagination accompanies this transit. Your intuitive Mercury mind is tuned in to the higher plane of mystical Neptune. Prayer and meditation is indicated. Daydreaming is likely, therefore it is not a good time for performing tasks which require clear thinking and concentration. However flights of fancy will illuminate your higher mind and artistic frontiers can open up for you. The keyword is inspiration.

Aug 9, 2014      2 PM (Aug 9, 2014 to Aug 10, 2014)                          

TRANSITING SUN SEXTILE NATAL NEPTUNE--This transit can "illuminate" intuition. During this aspect it may not be enough for you to understand what something is--you will also want to know what it means. You will be extremely receptive to the thinking and feelings of others. You will understand their needs and be willing to help them out. Your feelings will be charitable because your personal ego needs are low. Pursue spiritual matters, for mystical and spiritual concerns are likely to claim your attention more than usual. This is a time for contemplation on your beliefs, and where you are with self understanding. Spend time in prayer and meditation, and you will be able to get in tune with your inner self and the universe.

Aug 10, 2014     1 AM (Aug 9, 2014 to Aug 11, 2014)                           

TRANSITING MERCURY CONJUNCT NATAL PLUTO--This can be a two-sided transit. It indicates a time of very intense mental activity in which your thinking and communications with others will have an extremely penetrating quality. You are obsessed with getting to the bottom of every question and will not be satisfied with superficial answers. It is a good time for research and investigative activities. You have the capacity to influence others when necessary, making clear that what you say is truth, not opinion. Any aspect of these two planets gives you the ability to speak with persuasive force and vigor. In fact, others will believe you are right, even if you do not have the answer. It is critical that you take the feelings of others into consideration when you speak, or extreme opposition could result--even if they believe you. The other side of the transit is that others may do the same thing to you. It can indicate an extremely unpleasant mental power struggle in which you may be either the victim or the perpetrator. Or, you could become preoccupied and obsessed by a single idea or point of view which you cannot let go, until it seems to control your life for that day. This could be very intense while it lasts, but, fortunately, Mercury transits do not last very long.

Aug 10, 2014     1 PM (Aug 9, 2014 to Aug 11, 2014)                           

TRANSITING VENUS SEXTILE NATAL SATURN--Sextiles are supportive and this transit shows you in a positive way the duties and obligations that you have to live up to in your personal relationships. This will not be difficult for you, since the reality of your emotional relationships are extremely important to you. Honesty is the keyword here, and it is a good time to sit down with a loved one and arrive at a conscious understanding of what you expect from each other. It could also be a good time for beginning a new relationship. The transit is also good for business affairs, and for creative activities requiring close attention to details. Artistic endeavors will be especially favored.

Aug 10, 2014     8 PM (Aug 10, 2014 to Aug 11, 2014)                         

TRANSITING VENUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN--This transit favors creative activities, and whatever artistic ability you have will be useful during its influences. You can express your talents and artistic ability more easily than usual. You are likely to want to share your creativity and your feelings with others, but you are not likely to feel too ambitious. It is a good time for entertaining and just plain enjoying yourself. Seek beautiful surroundings. You will be able to enjoy them more than ever during this time.

Aug 11, 2014     2 PM (Aug 11, 2014 to Aug 12, 2014)                         

TRANSITING SUN CONJUNCT NATAL PLUTO--The Sun illuminates the regeneration needs when in relation to Pluto. This transit will not allow you to stay where you are. There are probably several things that need fixing in your life and relationships, as well as mechanical and technical things. You will not be able to operate at a casual level in your life at this time. Pluto indicates positive change--if you can't fix it, you will tear it down, start over and do it right. Pluto doesn't make it easy--you may be challenged by others as to your ideas or your methodology. You will not appreciate the Plutonian energies from others, but you need to seek a level of understanding and cooperation. This can be a positive time for making many things right in your life and in the lives of those close to you. The transit may merely motivate you to repair something that has broken down, such as a car, an appliance, a relationship or someone's health. You will get deeply involved in whatever you do, as Pluto works from deep within your psyche.

Aug 11, 2014     4 PM (Aug 11, 2014 to Aug 12, 2014)                          

TRANSITING MERCURY CONJUNCT NATAL MERCURY--Mercury is mind and communications. When it is in the same degree in your present time that it was in your natal chart, the influences can be doubled. This is an extremely positive transit for all types of communications. Your mind is sharp and your words and ideas come easily and quickly. You will be able to follow the twists and turns that complex ideas and situations may take. Try to take advantage of this time when your mental energy is high and positive. Complete all communications needs and situations you can during this transit. You will find the interchange of ideas lively and intellectually fulfilling. If travel is strongly indicated, do it.

Aug 11, 2014          (Aug 10, 2014 to Aug 29, 2014)                    

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE TENTH HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. In the tenth house it influence you to pursue education for reasons of professional ambition. You have good organizational ability and the capacity to plan for the future. Your career is not likely to be accidental. You are able to communicate with people of power and prestige, and with the public, so that politics would be a natural for you. Whatever your occupation, it will involve communications media. Ambition is the keyword during this transit, but beware that it could take precedence over principles if you are not careful.

Aug 11, 2014     6 PM (Aug 11, 2014 to Aug 12, 2014)                          

TRANSITING MERCURY CONJUNCT THE NATAL MC--This transit with the Midheaven affects those areas related to your career, profession and/or vocation. You may receive an important communication regarding one of these areas, necessitating a well thought out response. This is a good time to discuss your goals and future plans regarding your career. You will be able to communicate these plans logically and effectively, making it appropriate to concentrating upon furthering your career. Use this transit to clarify your actions to others and seek their support.

Aug 12, 2014     7 AM (Aug 10, 2014 to Aug 14, 2014)                          

TRANSITING MARS TRINE NATAL MOON--This transit brings emotional intensity. You will feel everything more strongly and deeply. You will deal with others in a frank and honest manner, but you will be assertive. There could be a strong emotional involvement with a member of opposite sex. It will be difficult for you to be neutral with someone who might come into your life at this time--you could react with either love or hate, with no in-between. You are in a "fighting spirit" in a positive sense with this transit, and will stand up for what you believe in without stepping on the toes of others.

Aug 13, 2014    11 AM (Aug 11, 2014 to Aug 15, 2014)                         

TRANSITING MARS SEXTILE NATAL VENUS--This transit arouses the physical sexual drives. It favors an already existing relationship, for both will be able to give and receive from each other. It is also a good time for artistic expression and appreciation of beauty in all its forms. Two key themes of this transit are entertainment and fun. Enjoy. . . . .

Aug 14, 2014     1 PM (Aug 12, 2014 to Aug 16, 2014)                          

TRANSITING MARS TRINE NATAL URANUS--This can be a time of new activities and new encounters, some quite unexpected, that will generate both excitement and personal growth. You won't be satisfied with your daily routine, and this influence can help you break away and introduce fresh elements into your life. Psychological liberation gives you courage to break inhibitions and show off aspects of yourself that even you may not have known you had. This is a powerful aspect for new beginnings, filled with energy and courage. It is a time for personal growth and discovery which can be significant to your psychological development, as well as interesting and exciting.

Aug 15, 2014    12 AM (Aug 15, 2014 to Aug 16, 2014)                         

TRANSITING SUN CONJUNCT NATAL MERCURY--This conjunction transit brings energy and willpower to your thoughts. You will have lots of mental stamina and creativity in ideas, work, and friendships during this time. You will be able to enforce your ideas and decisions with willpower. The risk here, with all this mental power, is objectivity. It is difficult to see yourself as others see you, and your personal self-conception makes it difficult to differentiate between mind and ego. The transiting influences of the aspect bring the focus upon matters that apply directly to the self. It indicates a time for initiating communications and ideas with respect to your intentions toward yourself and others. It is a good time to make plans for the future, because you are likely to have a good understanding of your needs now. You need to practice getting Self out of the way however, and letting your energetic mind solve the problems and make the decisions. There is also a possibility of travel, as the restless tensions will make you want to move around.

Aug 15, 2014     3 AM (Aug 15, 2014 to Aug 16, 2014)                        

TRANSITING SUN CONJUNCT THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--This is an excellent aspect for putting all your attention and energy into getting ahead and fulfilling your ambitions. Your home life may take a back seat while this aspect is in transit, and you are likely to be strong-willed and unwilling to make compromises. Pursue your objectives, but try not to be so willful that you alienate others unnecessarily.

Aug 15, 2014          (Aug 14, 2014 to Sep 17, 2014)                      

TRANSITING SUN IN THE TENTH HOUSE--When the Sun transits this house of your Natal chart, it will influence the departments of life most strongly affected by the individual will and power potential. Tenth house position generally indicates a time when you will be ambitious to attain positions of responsibility, power, and authority. You are likely to be rather dignified and you have a strong will to succeed. You will desire honor and recognition and will work hard to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve your goals. You are probably a good manager and demand respect. You also want to set a good example for others. You need to watch out for an excessive love of power and for dictatorial attitudes.

Aug 16, 2014     9 AM (Aug 14, 2014 to Aug 18, 2014)                         

TRANSITING MARS TRINE NATAL MARS--This is a high-energy transit. It is a time to take the initiative, to start new projects, and enjoy the cooperation of others. Work toward goals that give credit to you, for Mars is an ego-oriented planet. Your self-confidence is high, and you can be positive and self-assertive without appearing aggressive. Work will not resist your energies. You may want to do something different from the same old grind, and new efforts could be favorable.

Aug 17, 2014    10 AM (Aug 15, 2014 to Aug 19, 2014)                         

TRANSITING MARS CONJUNCT NATAL THE ASCENDANT--This is the transit of self-assertion with regard to others. You will feel a need to let them know who you are and that you are a person to be reckoned with. Energies are extremely high; and you will need to beware of your temper at this time, and try to make proper use of your feelings of aggression. There could be opportunities for positive action to show the world what you can do, but you will need to be careful of other people's feelings because of the temptation to dominate them. This could bring out the worst in others, with the risk of fights and/or accidents. You need to use your energy appropriately, but take care that you don't overdo and burn out. Physical health could suffer otherwise. Practice a little patience, and you can make great progress with the energies and optimism of this transit. It could boost your self-worth immensely.

Aug 17, 2014          (Aug 15, 2014 to Oct 1, 2014)                       

TRANSITING MARS IN THE FIRST HOUSE--Mars transiting in the houses influences the departments of life in which you express your actions and desires. In the first house, we find the outgoing, aggressive people who have abundant energy. You will not be a bystander--you must be involved. You are ambitious and will be able to work hard now. Your competitive drive will make you seek recognition and public acclaim. You have abundant stamina and energy which enables you to accomplish much. You will insist on freedom in personal action and will not tolerate interference from others. You need to watch out for rash emotional impulsiveness and combativeness, and a tendency to get into physical fights.

Aug 20, 2014     8 PM (Aug 20, 2014 to Aug 21, 2014)                          

TRANSITING MERCURY OPPOSITE NATAL MOON--During this transit it may be difficult to keep emotional issues from affecting the clarity of your communications. Unconscious drives and impulses may influence your thinking now, and it is important that you try to bring the cause of these compulsions up to the conscious level. These feelings and emotions could be influenced by habits and speech patterns from your early childhood. This is a good time to look at the past and remove all of the negative compulsions you can recognize. Know that your mental effectiveness can be skewed during this transit. Try to postpone any major decisions and be careful to say what you really mean.

Aug 21, 2014     5 AM (Aug 21, 2014 to Aug 22, 2014)                          

TRANSITING MERCURY CONJUNCT NATAL VENUS--This transit can stimulate your appreciation of beauty, and your interest in art, music or poetry. It also could indicate that you are more able to express your love, in or out of a relationship. It could help you to understand the intricate patterns which underlie your life as a whole. It is a mental position, working more on the mind than on the feelings. However, you can emotionalize communications, and express your thoughts and feelings in a very articulate way. It should also be favorable for all financial and business transactions.

Aug 21, 2014     2 PM (Aug 21, 2014 to Aug 22, 2014)                          

TRANSITING MERCURY SEXTILE NATAL URANUS--Sextiles are supportive transits, and this one is no exception. This is a transit of new discoveries, new people, excitement and new interests. It is a good time to tackle old problems, but you won't want to spend the day in your usual routine. It will help you see fresh solutions for old problems. It is a time for learning about astrology and for meditating on the mystical.

Aug 22, 2014     5 AM (Aug 21, 2014 to Aug 23, 2014)                          

TRANSITING MERCURY SEXTILE NATAL MARS--This transit brings a high level of mental activity, supporting the best influences of Mercury and Mars. You can work very hard, and any project you attempt will go well. You are likely to want to do things on your own and for yourself, or at least for personal recognition. You will be able to communicate and present your case to others in a very forceful way during this time. Others may not be up to your work level, however, and you need to be patient with them. Your optimism and self confidence will allow you to take advantage of all opportunities that come your way during this aspect.

Aug 22, 2014     1 PM (Aug 21, 2014 to Aug 23, 2014)                         

TRANSITING VENUS SQUARE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This is not a difficult square. In fact it can be quite pleasant for relationships, where you reach out to others, and give and receive affection. You will enjoy being with people and going out and having a good time. Try not to avoid work that has to be done, and beware of self-indulgence. Be careful of financial affairs and impulse buying.

Aug 22, 2014     1 PM (Aug 21, 2014 to Aug 23, 2014)                          

TRANSITING MERCURY SEXTILE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This aspect quickens the mind and enhances communications skills. Self confidence and self-worth are enhanced. You will like to talk, and are more mentally alert than usual. It will be easy to reach agreements, and is a good tome to get rid of paperwork and to write letters. It is a good time for any kind of commercial or business transactions, contract negotiations, and/or buying and selling.

Aug 23, 2014     3 PM (Aug 23, 2014 to Aug 24, 2014)                          

TRANSITING VENUS TRINE NATAL JUPITER--This is one of the "best" transits, although of short duration. It brings grace, ease, and pleasant social interaction into your life. You will feel content, and it will rub off on others. It can be a good time to make a major investment, as financial interests are favored. You will not want to work at work however, but will tend to be lazy. Artistic interests are high, but from the standpoint of "enjoyment"--so ENJOY! . . . .

Aug 26, 2014     2 AM (Aug 25, 2014 to Aug 27, 2014)                          

TRANSITING VENUS SEXTILE NATAL NEPTUNE--This a short, pleasant transit which can arouse the creative and romantic imagination. Relationships are harmonious and can be enhanced by spiritual influences. Although, you should spend some time alone in a pleasant and beautiful environment: a landscape, seascape, flower garden, or forest. If it puts you into a sweet, dreamy fog, who's to say we don't need that kind of a day once in a while?

Aug 27, 2014     3 PM (Aug 26, 2014 to Aug 29, 2014)                        

TRANSITING MARS SQUARE NATAL PLUTO--This transit has two polarities--it can bring power struggles and disagreements, or it can help you transform and regenerate your world around you. Your energy level will be high and you could get a lot of work done--if you don't create too much opposition doing it. Your ambitions will be enhanced at this time, but they, too, could conflict with someone else. The lesson from this transit is to look at your recent past efforts for any loose ends or shortcuts that need to be attended to or corrected. If they can be cleaned up to the good of all, you should do so. However, if you can't do it without causing conflict with others, it might be better to wait till this transit passes. As in all transits with Pluto, the influences could be those of someone else relating to you, rather than you to them. Also, as in all Pluto aspects, anything attempted must be for the greater good or it either will not work, or it will not do you any good.

Aug 27, 2014     4 PM (Aug 27, 2014 to Aug 28, 2014)                         

TRANSITING VENUS CONJUNCT NATAL PLUTO--This transit combines the emotional influences of Venus with the deep, intense influences of Pluto. It can make you seek unusual and intense love experiences. You could be looking for escape from life through love. You need to be careful with the intensity if you are in a relationship, for you could send out the message that you are unhappy with things as they are. Avoid using love to manipulate your partner. Pluto will not support purely selfish efforts. This transit can bring a marvelous experience if your loved one can respond to your mood.

Aug 29, 2014          (Aug 28, 2014 to Sep 18, 2014)                      

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. In the eleventh house the focus is on communications and the exchange of ideas with friends and groups. You will seek out associations which will stimulate your mind, and you will both teach your friends and learn from them. You are open to all humanity, and are likely to have much compassion and insight into the larger social issues. You love truth, impartiality, and the ability to think with originality and objectivity. You need to take care that your ideas do not become eccentric or impractical during this transit.

Aug 30, 2014     8 AM (Aug 29, 2014 to Aug 31, 2014)                          

TRANSITING VENUS CONJUNCT NATAL MERCURY--This transit usually brings a good mood and it may be difficult for you to be serious. Those with whom you come in contact will feel your mood and are likely to respond in kind. It is a good time to socialize and express your caring and affection for others. Enthusiasm for the arts may surface, and some pleasant travel could be an option. There could also be a burst in the expression of your talents.

Aug 30, 2014    10 AM (Aug 29, 2014 to Aug 31, 2014)                         

TRANSITING VENUS CONJUNCT THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--Matters of love and affection are uppermost during this transit. You are conscious of your loved ones and your feelings for them. All personal relationships are favored by this aspect. Work in creative activities only. You are more likely to want to daydream than to work, unless your profession is related to artistic expression. A good time for any social activity, since you feel warm and friendly to everyone. Don't waste the day by yourself.

Aug 30, 2014          (Aug 29, 2014 to Sep 25, 2014)                      

TRANSITING VENUS IN THE TENTH HOUSE--Venus transiting in the houses influences how you express yourself socially, artistically and romantically in the various areas of your life. Tenth house position may bring social and artistic ambitions. You will probably choose a profession related to the arts and are likely to have the talent to achieve recognition. You will do well in dealing with the opposite sex, and are likely to seek (or have already found) marriage with someone who can further your artistic career. You are likely to receive status and wealth from a romantic partner now.

Aug 31, 2014     8 PM (Aug 31, 2014 to Sep 1, 2014)                           

TRANSITING MERCURY CONJUNCT NATAL SATURN--Mercury is the planet of mind and communication and Saturn is the planet of discipline. This combination (conjunction) transit can bring you very sharp precision of disciplined thought. It is a good time for work that requires precise planning and implementation. However, it is not a good time for long range plans that require a broad view. Your viewpoint is likely to be narrow and cautious now, and communications may suffer. You can be extremely critical, but should be careful to use this insight in positive ways. This is a good time to deal with negative thinking, since you are more likely to see what is wrong than what is right.

Sep 1, 2014      2 AM (Aug 31, 2014 to Sep 2, 2014)                           

TRANSITING MERCURY SEXTILE NATAL SUN--This transit indicates a busy and mentally stimulating period. The phone is likely to "ring off the hook", and it may seem as if everybody wants to contact you. Your mind is sharp, alive, and ready. It is a good time to reinforce how you stand on any given situation, and communicate your honesty and forthrightness. Group discussions are likely to be positive and you will command the respect of others. Travel is possible.

Sep 1, 2014      9 PM (Aug 31, 2014 to Sep 3, 2014)                          

TRANSITING MARS SQUARE NATAL MERCURY--This transit brings a high energy level and great capacity for mental effort. However, your ego identifies with your ideas and you will not countenance disagreement. If any obstacle gets in your way, you are likely to respond with anger and irritation. Be careful how you talk to others, for the risk of arguments and disputes is very high. You will be strong enough to carry out your points of view, but try not to ride roughshod over others. Be careful of using any machinery or sharp objects, especially if angry, as you are likely to be accident prone during this transit.

Sep 2, 2014      1 AM (Sep 2, 2014 to Sep 3, 2014)                           

TRANSITING MARS SQUARE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--The action influences of Mars are squared of against your highest desires for yourself: goals, honor, career, and personal achievements. This transit can make you over-aggressive and self-assertive. You need to avoid impulsiveness, and to consider the feelings of others. Where your ego is involved, conflicts can develop in your professional and domestic life. If you can harness the energy in a positive way, much can be accomplished. If not, it may be best to lay low during this aspect.

Sep 2, 2014      2 AM (Sep 2, 2014 to Sep 3, 2014)                            

TRANSITING SUN OPPOSITE NATAL MOON--This transit can bring out tensions between your personal needs and your public and professional obligations. As the Sun "illuminates" your emotions, you may feel like you're in a tug-o-war between "me and them". The purpose of this conflict is to help you learn to balance your emotions with your public duties. If you have been pursuing your public life by covering up your emotions, this transit can be quite painful. Your emotional nature will come out one way or another. On the positive side, this can also be a time of high energy and you can achieve a great deal. In your personal life, too, the tensions may become heavy if you have been suppressing your feelings. This is especially likely in relationships with spouse and other family members. You could be very compulsive and react to those you love in ways that you do not understand. The lesson to be learned here is how to operate in your daily life by acknowledging and accepting your emotions, and functioning in tune with your "gut" feelings.

Sep 2, 2014      7 PM (Sep 2, 2014 to Sep 3, 2014)                            

TRANSITING SUN CONJUNCT NATAL VENUS--This transit provides power and energy to the emotions and to artistic expression. It helps you to love life and love yourself, though you may need to watch out for narcissism. During this progression you are fond of fun and social activities. The aspect gives you beauty and ease in self expression and the ability to bring happiness to others. You should get along especially well with children, and you have strong affections and romantic drives. It could bring new light to romantic involvements and love relationships. You need to make new contacts and friendships, for it is a good time for group activities. You may be a little prone to self indulgence during this transit, and may need to watch out for impulse spending.

Sep 3, 2014     10 AM (Sep 2, 2014 to Sep 4, 2014)                           

TRANSITING SUN SEXTILE NATAL URANUS--This transit tends to stimulate your curiosity and imagination, as well as illustrate your sense of freedom. You are likely to encounter new and enlightening experiences through activities with friends and neighbors, giving you a larger insight into the world around you. You catch onto ideas more quickly than usual, making it a good time to participate in any mental activity. It can be an aspect of creative change, and keeping your individuality is more important to you than living up to others' expectations. It is a good time for positive changes in your immediate surroundings.

Sep 4, 2014      1 PM (Sep 4, 2014 to Sep 5, 2014)                           

TRANSITING SUN SEXTILE NATAL MARS--This transit brings high energy and enhances your faith in your own ability. It provides an excellent time for accomplishing all kinds of work and physical activity. In fact, physical activity and exercise is extremely important at this time. Sun is energy and Mars is action, and physical activity is necessary for physical, mental, and spiritual health. You can work well with others during this time, but you will also be assertive and self-confident in your own right. However, others will not be threatened by your ego, and it is good to work in cooperation with them. It is not a good time to strike out alone and on your own. This transit can also bring opportunities for leadership.

Sep 5, 2014      5 AM (Sep 4, 2014 to Sep 6, 2014)                            

TRANSITING SUN SEXTILE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This transit illuminates the Self with a need to seek recognition from others. In group activities you will want to lead and the others will sense your need for that and won't seem to mind. Your need for social activities will be strong, and will be fulfilled by sharing with others. This works both ways, for no one is alone in this world. Others will respect you for being open and honest, and everybody likes to be needed.

Sep 11, 2014          (Aug 28, 2014 to Sep 23, 2014)                         

TRANSITING SATURN SQUARE NATAL PLUTO--This aspect ties your condition to mass karma. You are likely to feel that you have the weight of the whole world upon your shoulders. Actually, it is beyond your powers and responsibilities to help Saturn "discipline" the "underworld" of Pluto! However, you may feel you have to resort to strong measures to achieve professional goals during this time. Beware of the temptation to use occult forces to attain power over others. Use your psychic connections to keep your own house in order.

Sep 12, 2014          (Sep 7, 2014 to Sep 18, 2014)                         

TRANSITING JUPITER SQUARE NATAL ASCENDANT--This is an excellent transit for relationships, and for opportunities that can benefit you. If you use relationships to your advantage, keep a sense of humility and gratitude, for the temptation will be to give nothing in return. It can be a "lucky" transit in both your personal life and your work, and it depends upon your right attitude toward letting people help you. Remember to pay attention to details.

Sep 23, 2014          (Aug 23, 2014 to Oct 22, 2014)                          

TRANSITING PLUTO TRINE NATAL VENUS--This Trine will bring about a deep intensity with all the Venus affairs. It will emphasize all the romantic and creative aspects of your life and will provide positive support for enhancing all these affairs which are good for you and that have a good structure. It will also provide opportunities for improving those areas which are not working well now. If the structure is unworkable, insight and opportunity to tear them down and start over with the least painful side effects can be revealed. Pluto is the planet of regeneration, and its influences always work for the greater good. If your motives are purely selfish and personal, Pluto influences will not help you. The influences are intense and powerful, but even the supportive influences of Pluto may not always feel like fun.

Sep 23, 2014          (Jul 22, 2014 to Nov 20, 2014)                          

TRANSITING PLUTO OPPOSITE NATAL URANUS--This aspect is both Universal and personal in its influences. Almost everyone in your age bracket shares these influences which indicate a period of massive changes. Many of them will affect world order, causing drastic changes in government philosophies and social responses. Many of the changes will be brought about by revolutions, which could be both social and/or military. These two planets in combination indicate creative revolution, which connotates regeneration. They are likely to affect you on a personal level by instigating revolt against many factors in your life which have made life routine and boring. You will seek new challenges and interests. This can occur in almost any area of your life, but both personal and professional relationships are likely to be affected. Severity of your adjustments will depend very much upon your attitude. If you fight change, it will be more difficult: if you seek constructive solutions and are open to the changes, it can be less difficult. The need for these changes may appear instantly, but their origins can be very much in the past and may have been buried in your subconscious. Now Pluto is saying "Regenerate!" and Uranus is saying "NOW!". Preventing these changes is probably not even possible, but would certainly not be desirable. Understand what is happening and learn to flow with things, giving a positive push whenever you can see the opportunity. Don't waste time in moping and trying to hang on to the unproductive past. Get on with what is necessary to regenerate your life in the areas which are being affected now, so that you can rebuild the structures which will make your life more complete and fulfilling for you and for those around you.

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