Monday, June 13, 2016

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General for Week Commencing: Monday 13 June 2016

   Aries Monday 13 June 2016  Mar 21 - Apr 19
What starts as a fairly ordinary week has the hallmarks of an extraordinary week. To begin with the focus is on making the most of Mercury’s final hours in your income sector, making it important to have your head in the game and working with his smart head for money to finalise your income expectations, game plan and mindset for the coming year. It won’t take long for the money gods to regroup and by the weekend you’ll find some of those old financial passions and your old fighting spirit return, this time with the focus more on financial and money matters. Your relationships get a boost thanks to the Moon’s visit to your relationship sector during the early days of what is one of the most important and well supported weeks of the year for communication. The communication and relationship gods get together in such an extraordinary way that a real breakthrough is possible.
   Taurus Monday 13 June 2016  Apr 20 - May 20
Mercury’s departure from Taurus on Monday brings the last link to your birthday month to a close and finally brings you to a point in this new solar year where there is no longer a point or a need to spend any more time at the drawing board, time now for the real journey to begin. It is Mercury’s return to your income sector that brings a smart head for money during Venus’ final days and the Sun’s last full week, but more importantly over the weekend when financial tensions might start to rise. In the same way that the Sun’s first full day in your income sector experienced the challenge of a Full Moon in your financial sector his last full day is set to do the same, with the Moon returning over the weekend ahead of next Monday’s Full Moon. Yet by the weekend there could be some distractions, with the communication and relationship gods coming together to create something spec
   Gemini Monday 13 June 2016  May 21 - Jun 21
The last full week of your birthday month is set to be anything but dull, with some extraordinary developments across a number of areas of your chart. One area of massive change is going to be across the income, work and career fronts, where some extraordinary developments will see the doors open to the past, second chances and untapped potential across the work and career fronts, in the lead up to new doors opening on the income front over the weekend and to the most potentially lucrative weeks of 2016. However, the weekend will also play host to something special but also potentially challenging, in that where your birthday month began with a Full Moon in your relationship sector it is set to end the same way. This may see personal and/or relationship tensions rise over the weekend, but this also holds the potential for a major breakthrough.
   Cancer Monday 13 June 2016  Jun 22 - Jul 22
Make the most of one final week where life is operating in the slow lane, for it is not going to last. The last full week of your old solar year is always a time of reflection, but this year this is being policed in a way that doesn’t usually happen, which means you’re unable to cheat and cut corners. Yet even without the build up to next Monday’s Full Moon in your work sector, something that will begin over the weekend, you won’t be able to shirk your work or life’s other responsibilities, forcing you to work smarter and more efficiently. However, as the week progresses you’ll find that a rebellion is starting to take place and it is being spearheaded by playful and adventurous forces that are holding the doors open to the past and second chances. By the time Venus returns to Cancer over the weekend the battle to find a balance between work and play will be underway.
   Leo Monday 13 June 2016  Jul 23 - Aug 22
Mercury’s departure from your career sector on Monday is set to create one of those situations where you can take something away and end up gaining, while losing nothing. Normally spending just 15 days in your career sector, by the time Mercury leaves on Monday he will have been here for two months and one week, with your head in the game since early April. With work and income forces swinging in to regroup and keep the professional momentum going, you’ll find that you easily maintain your professional stride but without the pressure and continual focus of recent months. This frees you up to make the most of what is an important week for personal and professional networking, with the weekend even providing an opportunity to relax and chill out. Life no longer needs to be lived in the fast lane, while you get to benefit from the momentum already created.
   Virgo Monday 13 June 2016  Aug 23 - Sep 22
Things get serious on the career front this week, as Mercury returns to your career sector on Monday ahead of Venus’ departure over the weekend and the Sun’s early next week. For a few short days you’ve got your heart and head in the game, eyes open and head out of the sand, with all your career situations, matters and options on the table at the same time. By the time she leaves your career sector over the weekend Venus’ aim is to fuel the professional desires and expectations that will define the rest of your professional year, with Mercury staying on until the end of the month to figure out the ‘when, where and how’. However, expect work/life balance issues to surface over the weekend, despite the fact that you will need to keep your professional hat on. It is all about balance, learning this week everything that will serve you well over the coming months.
   Libra Monday 13 June 2016  Sep 23 - Oct 23
Despite the fact that with the Sun in his last full week in your sector of travel, adventure, learning and discovery, Mercury returning on Monday and Venus leaving over the weekend there is a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure in the air this week, the money and professional gods are smiling on you in an extraordinary way. Mars retrograded back into your income sector late last month, so you've had two weeks to adjust to the fact that the doors are open to the past, second chances and untapped potential, yet by the time the Moon returns on Thursday something extraordinary will have developed and by the time it leaves on Saturday something game changing. By Thursday the doors will be open to the past and second chances on the work front as well and on Saturday they open to new career opportunities, with a nose for money picking it all up.
   Scorpio Monday 13 June 2016  Oct 24 - Nov 21
Mercury’s departure from your relationship sector on Monday may bring all the planetary activity for the year to a close, but having spent the last few months getting to the heart of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you and an extraordinary amount of support to ensure the communication lines are open, taking it from here yourself shouldn’t be a problem. In the meantime, Mercury’s return to your financial sector will see a smart head for money kick in just as Venus is fuelling your financial confidence, desires and expectations and as you move into the last full week of your annual financial review. Mercury’s departure from your relationship sector is going to see a lot of the personal and/or relationship tension of recent weeks ease back, with a new sense of freedom, fun, adventure and liberation setting in as the week progresses.
   Sagittarius Monday 13 June 2016  Nov 22 - Dec 21
While things may be a little intense professionally in the early hours of the week and Monday may even see work/life balance tensions running high, this will quickly ease. Moving into the week with the Moon in your career sector and Mercury in his final hours in your work sector is likely to create some intensity, with the professional gods trying to cram as much into these final hours as possible. Yet as the week progresses you’ll find that the rush mentality of recent weeks eases right back and that by the weekend, that while you won’t be able to take your professional hat off, you will have a chance to take your work hat off, for the first time in many months. The weekend may see personal and/or relationship tensions rise as the Sun’s final days in your relationship sector are met with resistance from your personal needs. It’s all about keeping the communication lines open.
   Capricorn Monday 13 June 2016  Dec 22 - Jan 19
While there is a lot of focus on work matters this week as the Sun spends his last full week in your work sector and the Moon makes a timely visit to your career sector, your personal life is set to get both a boost. Exactly a month separates the Sun’s departure from your romantic sector and return to your relationship sector each year and it’s during that month that the solar focus shifts to work matters. However this year, due to the fact that Mercury is running late and Venus is running early, there is just five days between Mercury’s departure from a fun, playful, creative and romantically charged part of your chart on Monday and Venus’ return to your relationship sector on Saturday. This is putting the squeeze on work matters, but fortunately Mercury’s return to your work sector on Monday gives you the intellectually savvy edge needed to work smarter and more efficiently.
   Aquarius Monday 13 June 2016  Jan 20 - Feb 18
Despite the fact that the Sun is spending his last full week in a fun, playful, creative and romantically charged part of your chart the professional and money gods get together to create something extraordinary this week, so much so that from the get go there needs to be a commitment to finding a balance between work and play. Mars retrograded back into your career sector late last month so the doors have been open to the past, second chances and untapped potential on the career front for the last two weeks, however on Tuesday they’ll open to the past and second chances on the income front as well and over the weekend they will open to new opportunities on the work front. This creates a game changing week across the income, work and career fronts, one that will have implications throughout the rest of this month and right through to August.
   Pisces Monday 13 June 2016  Feb 19 - Mar 20
While the focus will remain on home and family matters during the Sun’s last full week in your home and family sector, life is starting to open up or it will do by the weekend. The focus is always going to be on home and family matters at this time of year and with Venus here until Saturday this is where your heart is as well, with Mercury’s return on Monday a chance to get your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open. Over the weekend that starts to shift, with the Moon not only returning to your career sector to begin the lead up for a second Full Moon in as many months, but encountering the same work/life balance tensions as last month. However, something will have changed, for with Venus returning to a fun, playful, creative and romantically charged part of your chart on Saturday all of a sudden work/life balance is something you’ll want to embrace

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