Monday, October 3, 2016

October 2 2016 Weekly Horoscope Light of the Libra Moon Live by the Sun

General for Week Commencing: Monday 03 October 2016

   Aries Monday 03 October 2016  Mar 21 - Apr 19
Just as Mercury is tying up loose ends on the work front and one massive push from the professional gods comes to an end, another begins as the planets of war and revolution come together to fire things up on the career front. Mars’ first full week in your career sector and Pluto’s first full week direct has your professional year suddenly spring back to life, just as Mercury’s departure from your work sector on Friday will see work matters tied up and move on the course they will continue on. However, if you think you’ll get away with letting life become all work and no play that won’t be an option either, though an important week for relationship building will include both your personal and professional relationships. At the same time expect your financial confidence to rise, with a better sense of your financial and income objectives.
   Taurus Monday 03 October 2016  Apr 20 - May 20
In a week where the final battle in a war to find a balance between work and play is being waged, there is also a battle to find a balance between your personal and relationship needs. Your biggest problem right now is that you can have it all, with matters of the heart having some real support, as you not only move into your busiest but most opportune year for job growth in over a decade. At the same time, with Venus on board your relationships are getting a real boost, with something magical possible when it comes to relationship building. Yet in her last full week in Taurus Ceres is a staunch defender of your personal needs and will be on guard for your relationships taking away any of your personal truth. Across all aspects of your life the focus this week is balance, with the downside to being able to have it all being some juggling and prioritising is required.
   Gemini Monday 03 October 2016  May 21 - Jun 21
Despite the fact that life is opening up, with matters of the heart and work matters both well favoured this week, there is still a need for time to hear yourself think. As much as there is a lot going on and there is a lot you will want to be a part of, you’re still likely to treasure and need those moments of solitude, where you can put out the 'do not disturb' sign. While much of what is developing on the home and work fronts and with all things fun, playful, romantic and creative is a continuation of recent weeks, there is a new kid on the block, in the form of a turnaround on the financial front. The planets of war and revolution have come together to fire up your financial passions and fighting spirit and the courage to start fighting your way out of a financial rut. This is also likely to trigger deeper passions that until now had been put on hold.
   Cancer Monday 03 October 2016  Jun 22 - Jul 22
As more and more focus shifts to your home and family situation and matters a need for work/life balance is becoming more and more apparent. While it won’t be until the end of next week that your home and professional lives clash, bringing any work/life balance tensions to a head, it has already become apparent this is now a priority. It helps that Mars’ departure from your work sector last week has taken away the manic work pressure you’ve been under. While you might be just as busy and have just as much on your plate, you’ll find that you’re able to work smarter and more efficiently, getting more done in less time. This is the key to achieving the right work/life balance, with a chance this week to regroup and take a smarter and more focused approach to smart time management. It is all about focus, knowing when to have your work hat on and when to take it off.
   Leo Monday 03 October 2016  Jul 23 - Aug 22
All of a sudden the pace of life has picked up and you can not only expect one of the busiest weeks of the year to date, but that this will be your normal until at least the early weeks of November. Yet it is Mercury’s final days in your income sector and the smart head for money you have to work with until he leaves on Friday that is the key to working smarter, something that is a priority from the get go. Yet as things take off and start to move on the work front Ceres’ last full week in your career sector also becomes more important, creating a sense of urgency when it comes to defining your professional priorities and even your definition of professional success. Clear professional objectives and a smart head for money will allow you to work smarter and take the reins of busy work forces from the get go. This is an important week for talks, conversations and communication.
   Virgo Monday 03 October 2016  Aug 23 - Sep 22
While the stars can’t and don’t control our lives that do make certain things more possible and doable at different times of the year and this week they are lending their full support to throwing caution to the wind as you dare to follow your heart. Will everyone suddenly get a chance to embrace their romantic and creative passions, experience thrilling romantic developments or other life events that make life soar or bring cause for celebration, such as an engagement or anything equally exciting? The answer is no, but all of a sudden all things are more possible, as the planets of war and revolution join forces in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart. With income opportunities unfolding and new work opportunities developing next month, war has been declared on a life that is all work and no play.
   Libra Monday 03 October 2016  Sep 23 - Oct 23
Despite the fact that the weekend’s New Moon has already given you a chance to commit to your new solar year, the future and the journey ahead and with a tailwind at your back you’re able to embrace the future head on, it’s not until Mercury returns to Libra on Friday that you’ll have a chance to get your head in the game. Until then it is too early to make any specific choices, decisions and plans, with the more you can keep your mind and your options open the better. This makes it important to move into the week high on confidence but short on details, trusting an intuitive sense that this is no ordinary solar year you’ve moved into. In the meantime, just as work tensions are running their course there is a new sense of confidence and some real possibilities emerging on the income front.
   Scorpio Monday 03 October 2016  Oct 24 - Nov 21
The wind down of your old solar year begins in earnest this week or at least it will do by the weekend. With this is a greater than normal need for time to hear yourself think and you may find that if you don’t get it you become stressed and frustrated, making working smarter and smart time management essential. While there may be times when it feels like the wind has been taken out of your sails, a bit of time out and a chance to put out the 'do not disturb' sign will fix that. Yet while your birthday month and new solar year is still several weeks away, there is already a chance to start looking at what you want from the coming year. There is a lot of communication happening this week, from emails flying backwards and forwards to talks and discussions. However, if you’re signing documents or anything communication related don’t buy into a false sense of urgency.
   Sagittarius Monday 03 October 2016  Nov 22 - Dec 21
While life has moved on from the all or nothing professional focus that has dominated the majority of the year to date, there is some tying up of loose ends on both the work and career fronts before you’re ready to set things on the course they will continue on. Yet no sooner than the professional gods are starting to step back than the money gods are ready to step into their place, with some stunning developments possible on the income front, not just this week but right through to the early weeks of November. The planets of war and revolution have teamed up in your income sector and they have already declared war on any glass ceilings, especially those in your own mind. In the meantime, both personal and professional networking and friendship building has become a lot more important and will become even more important by the weekend.
   Capricorn Monday 03 October 2016  Dec 22 - Jan 19
As much as your professional star is on the rise and the weekend’s New Moon in your career sector has created an opportunity for new beginnings while putting a tailwind at your back, there is an all out effort this week to ensure this doesn’t come at the expense of your work/life balance or a balance between work and play. Fun, playful, romantic and creative forces in play this week make it impossible to ignore a need for balance, especially as it is operating in its own lane and is presenting as no threat to your professional game. However, a more direct challenge is coming from your home and family life and matters and while any work/life balance issues won’t come to a head until later next week, there is already a need for balance. In the meantime, with the laws of attraction and synchronicity in effect there is a high chance of serendipitous moments and/or encounters.
   Aquarius Monday 03 October 2016  Jan 20 - Feb 18
While the Moon’s return to your career sector in the early days of the week will not only ensure your professional instincts are sharp, but engaging with Venus will bring a need to have your professional hat on from the get go, this isn’t enough to highjack the week itself. However, there are signs that having eased back, your professional year is building momentum gain and by the end of the month this will become a lot more dominant. In the meantime, you shouldn’t have a problem juggling your professional life with what is an adventurous week, with a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure invading every corner of your life and your week. Despite the fact that you’re still tying up loose ends on the financial front, exploring new professional options and home and family matters remain a priority, a sense of adventure will make it impossible to develop tunnel vision.
   Pisces Monday 03 October 2016  Feb 19 - Mar 20
While there is even more focus on financial and money matters after the weekend’s New Moon in your financial sector, apart from moving into the week with your financial instincts sharp and a tailwind at your back that favours new beginnings and a fresh start to money matters, there is a need to keep your mind and your options open. It’s not until Mercury returns to your financial sector on Friday that you’ll have the smart head for money needed to start making smart financial choices, decisions and plans, but even then there is just too much water still to pass under the bridge. That includes developments on the income front next week and on the career front the week after, with signs that income matters are rising to meet competition from financial forces. In the meantime, Mercury’s final days in your relationship sector bring an urgent need to ensure the communication lines are open.

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