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Weekly Sun Scope Week of Monday October 13 2014

General for Week Commencing: Monday 13 October 2014

   Aries Monday 13 October 2014  Mar 21 - Apr 19
The focus is once more on your relationships this week, but this time for all the right reasons. With both the Sun and Venus spending their last full week in your relationship sector and Mercury, planet of communication having retrograded back in over the weekend, the time has come to finally not only define what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, but to put things on the path they will continue on. With a dramatic uptake in financial and professional matters next week, with the Sun and Venus not only returning to your financial sector but a solar eclipse marking their return and Mars returning to your career sector, life is about to become a lot more dynamic. After the relationship journey you've been on, it's time to bring things home.
   Taurus Monday 13 October 2014  Apr 20 - May 20
While there are a lot of things waiting in the wings that want your attention, for the most part they know they can wait. This is especially so of financial and relationship matters, with both not only getting a massive boost next month but kicking off some of the most progressive and important weeks of the year. Already you have planets in your relationship and financial sectors, but they're both prepared to wait, knowing that it's next week that everything will come together. Where there is the urgency and focus this week is on the work front. With the Sun and Venus both spending their last full week in your work sector and Mercury having retrograded back in over the weekend, there's a need to have your eyes open, head and heart in the game and a mix of foresight and hindsight.
   Gemini Monday 13 October 2014  May 21 - Jun 21
The message from the gods this week is that if you can't manage to achieve a balance between work and play now, then you're really going to struggle over the coming weeks. Mercury's return to your work sector late last month had brought a need to get your head in the game and to start bringing things home, but having retrograded back out in the weekend this has been put on hold. However, with the Sun and Venus both returning to your work sector next week and a solar eclipse giving things a major push, this is just a short reprieve. Mercury has returned to help you make the most of the Sun and Venus' last full week in a playful part of your chart, knowing how busy life is set to get. This is also an important week for relationship building and ensuring the communication lines are open.
   Cancer Monday 13 October 2014  Jun 22 - Jul 22
The 6 weeks that Mars spends in your work sector every other year are always some of the busiest weeks of any year, but there are a number of factors that are keeping what should be a veracious sense of urgency in check. The fact that home and family matters are still important, but without the work/life balance issues of recent weeks, along with the fact that the professional gods already have back up on the way that will keep work forces in play for the rest of the year and beyond, is all contributing to making you immune to the frenetic pace this usually engenders. This and the fact that last week's lunar eclipse in your career sector has already revealed there is more going on than meets the eye, while it's become a lot more about the money and what's in it for you.
   Leo Monday 13 October 2014  Jul 23 - Aug 22
While you probably won't get the full benefits until later in the year, when in December there'll be a lot more focus on your relationships, this is a week where you're able to put everything you have into ensuring the communication lines are open. With the Sun and Venus both spending their last full week in your communication sector and Mercury, planet of communication having retrograded back in over the weekend, there is a chance for new beginnings and to give the past and unsaid words a voice. There is also a need this week to embrace your romantic and creative passions, doing whatever you can to create a balance between work and play. For once Mars returns to your work sector at the end of next week, this will become a lot harder to achieve once the busiest weeks of the year kick off.
   Virgo Monday 13 October 2014  Aug 23 - Sep 22
Moving into the new week with the Moon in your career sector will ensure your professional instincts are sharp from the get go, but it's not professionally that the biggest benefits of this will be felt. This is the week where everything is likely to come together on the income front, both in terms of new opportunities, second chances and just the coming together of everything you've been working towards. After last week's lunar eclipse in your financial sector, while the money gods are still keeping an eye on money matters as a whole, their main resources are being directed into gaining as much income traction as possible. This comes as a passion to make your home your castle continues, making the big or small changes that make home the place you want to be.
   Libra Monday 13 October 2014  Sep 23 - Oct 23
The last full week of your birthday month is likely to see a lot of things come together and fall into place, to a point where you're even able to make sense of past challenges, in a way that empowers you to claim the future and this new solar year with both hands. Yet with the Sun and Venus not leaving Libra until next Friday and Mercury, planet of communication and smart thinking having retrograded back in over the weekend, you have still got time to explore your options, getting your head around where you've been and where you're going. With Mercury staying on until later in the month it's too early to come up with a game plan, with the more you can keep your eyes open, mind and heart open for now the better. This is your life and your future, so you get to call the shots.
   Scorpio Monday 13 October 2014  Oct 24 - Nov 21
The last full week of your old solar year is usually a week for lying low, spending time back at the drawing board and taking life's slow lane, needing more time to hear yourself think. While that will still be the case, the future isn't the mystery it usually is and in fact it's knowing what the future holds that makes time spent back at the drawing board so valuable. With income, work and career forces continuing to unfold, you won't be spending your whole week navel gazing, but with smart time management you should be able to enjoy the time you do take off, while also enjoying a chance to get involved with the things that excite you. At the end of the day you get to call the shots, realising that as a new solar year comes into view it's time to start taking your power back.
   Sagittarius Monday 13 October 2014  Nov 22 - Dec 21
Just when you had been settling in for some much needed navel gazing, with anything that allowed you to pull back and get out of the rat race welcomed, it all changes this week. Where you would have gladly welcomed a cold or any excuse to take it easy last week and even over the weekend, as you move into the new week life becomes too urgent and chances are you'll realise what you might be missing out on. What you had in the 11 days leading up to Mercury's return to a social and serendipitous part of your chart over the weekend was a chance to start the wind down of your current solar year, but then put it on hold. This was a practice for the real thing that begins next week, but chances are this week will be far too busy and vibrant for too much time spent navel gazing or out of action.
   Capricorn Monday 13 October 2014  Dec 22 - Jan 19
While there'll be a need to keep your professional hat on this week, it comes without the challenges this presented last week. In fact, as you move into the new week it was just 24 hours earlier that the final oppositions of 2014 played out, with the last 3 real challenges of the year not only having all played out last week but all having played out between your home and professional lives. With a healthy respect of the importance of having the right work/life balance, you're ready to start bringing things home and tying up loose ends on the career front, with a little help from the Moon in your work sector in the early days of the week. While you're likely to feel competitive you'll not only be happy to spend time in the slow lane if something doesn't interest or excite you, you need to.
   Aquarius Monday 13 October 2014  Jan 20 - Feb 18
When Mercury retrograded back out of your career sector over the weekend he returned to a more adventurous part of your chart, giving you a chance to let ideas settle and before the real professional push begins next week. With the Sun and Venus not only returning to your career sector next Friday, but a solar eclipse on the same day, when things start to move there'll be no going back. Their last week in an adventurous part of your chart is the perfect excuse to keep your professional hat off as much as possible and embrace the spirit of adventure. The professional gods are keeping things ticking over so there's no danger of losing your edge, but there's a chance and a need to embrace a sense of adventure while you can. This is an important week for friendship and relationship building.
   Pisces Monday 13 October 2014  Feb 19 - Mar 20
While the money gods are still very active this week unlike last week's lunar eclipse which put the focus on income matters, it's back onto financial and money matters as a whole this week, but this time without the tension of the past. With the Sun and Venus both spending their last full week in your financial sector and Mercury having retrograded back in over the weekend ,you've got your head in the game, eyes open, bold financial desires and expectations and a mix of hindsight and foresight to draw on. With Mercury in retrograde motion you need to measure twice and cut once but you're a lot wiser and smarter than you were before. With Mars due to leave your career sector at the end of next week your professional passions and fighting spirit are being fuelled with a new sense of urgency.

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