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January 18 2015 Weekly Sun Scop Horoscope

General for Week Commencing: Monday 19 January 2015

   Aries Monday 19 January 2015  Mar 21 - Apr 19
The balance of power shifts this week, but in a way that everything that was in play remains in play and nothing new is added, just that the balance of power shifts. The Sun's departure from your career sector on Monday brings your annual professional review to an end and the push needed to get your new professional year off the ground. Yet even after the Sun moves on there is plenty of support to keep the momentum going. In the meantime, the solar spotlight shifts to a social and serendipitous part of your chart, where a New Moon on Wednesday creates an opportunity for new beginnings, just a day before Mercury's retrograde turn opens the door to second chances and an opportunity to make up for lost time. Factor in downtime where you can let your imagination and daydreams run wild.
   Taurus Monday 19 January 2015  Apr 20 - May 20
While you may experience a case of Mondayitis in the early days of the week, with the Moon returning to an adventurous part of your chart during the Sun's last full day, by midweek you'll be back into professional mode. With the Sun returning to your career sector on Tuesday, the Moon not only returning on Wednesday but creating a New Moon and Mercury's retrograde turn on Thursday opening the door to second chances, it won't be long before the professional gods have your full attention. The main aim to holding and embracing a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure in the early part of the week is that it's something you need to retain, realising that on the personal and professional fronts it's all about the journey. Meanwhile, a little bit of wishful thinking will go a long way?
   Gemini Monday 19 January 2015  May 21 - Jun 21
In a week with a lot of financial, professional and relationship overtones and where the money, professional and relationship gods will remain active all week, by midweek an unmistakable sense of adventure will take hold. As you move into the new week the Moon is just wrapping up its first visit to your relationship sector for the year, leaving you with a better sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. During the course of the week the Moon will track events as they unfold, giving you an intuitive read on the Sun's final hours in your financial sector and as he returns to an adventurous part of your chart midweek. Yet an alignment between Mars and Neptune in your career sector will ensure your professional passions, dreams and fighting spirit are engaged.
   Cancer Monday 19 January 2015  Jun 22 - Jul 22
At a time when the faster moving planets are still more focused on relationship and money matters, as is always the case at this time of year and despite the fact that you've had to keep your work hat on over the weekend, chances are you'll come down with a severe case of Mondayitis. This is still an important week for relationship and financial matters, with your annual relationship review wrapping up on Tuesday and your annual financial review starting on the same day. Colouring everything is likely to be an alignment between Mars and Neptune on Monday and Tuesday, for just the third time in an adventurous part of your chart in your lifetime. As old dreams and a passion for adventure and a hunger for life's richer experiences come together, anything is likely to seem possible.
   Leo Monday 19 January 2015  Jul 23 - Aug 22
In a week where the solar focus shifts from work to relationship matters, all that will really change will be the urgency and the degree of focus. As the Sun leaves your work sector on Tuesday this brings the push to get your new working year off the ground, up to speed and on the right track, but a support crew is staying behind to ensure that things never really go off the boil. The Moon's return to your work sector on Monday will help make the most of the Sun's final hours in your work sector, giving you an intuitive edge. The Moon will also follow the Sun into your relationship sector and as the solar spotlight falls on your relationships, with Wednesday's New Moon opening the door to new beginnings while Mercury's retrograde turn on Thursday opens the door to second chances.
   Virgo Monday 19 January 2015  Aug 23 - Sep 22
While three main events colour the week, there are so many undercurrents in play and so many things on the go that smart time management will be essential from the get go. The three main events are an alignment between Mars and Neptune in your relationship sector on Monday and Tuesday, bringing a lot of passion into play and a willingness to fight for what you do and don't want, making it hard to remain sitting on the fence. In the meantime the Sun's final days in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart is putting even more weight on matters of the heart, while forces are already building ahead of Thursday's New Moon in your work sector. The key message this week is not only a balance between work and play, but that nothing is as urgent as you think it is.
   Libra Monday 19 January 2015  Sep 23 - Oct 23
Despite the fact that the week begins with an alignment between Mars and Neptune, for just the third time in your work sector in your lifetime, you won't get away with letting life become all work and no play. This is more about breathing new life into old dreams, blowing the cobwebs off your hopes for a dream job, whilst fuelling your drives, passions, fighting and competitive spirit. With Venus returning to your work sector next week, the Sun next month and Mercury the month after, you've got time and support to follow through on the things that excite you. With the Sun returning to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on Tuesday, a New Moon on Wednesday and Mercury turning retrograde on Thursday the week holds both new opportunities and second chances.
   Scorpio Monday 19 January 2015  Oct 24 - Nov 21
In a week where you'll need to keep your money and professional hats on, find a balance between work and play, hold onto a nose for money you moved into the new week with and over the coming weekend keep your work hat on, taking heed of any work/life balance tensions in the early part of the week is both timely and essential. It's on Monday and Tuesday that Venus, moving through your home and family sector, will move into opposition with Jupiter in your career sector, once more bringing work/life balance issues and tensions to a head. However, considering how many balls you're juggling and the fact that you really can have it all, this is simply a chance to practice some smart time management. This is something you want to get right in the early weeks of the year, so is a timely reminder.
   Sagittarius Monday 19 January 2015  Nov 22 - Dec 21
More important than making the most of the Sun's final hours in your income sector before leaving on Tuesday, the nose for money the Moon's return on Monday brings at a critical time and the fact that this is an important week for income, home and communication matters, not to mention matters of the heart, is holding onto the gut instincts you move into the new week with. As you move into the new week the Moon is just wrapping up its first visit to your sign for the year, but also the first since Saturn returned on Christmas Eve, with their first encounter here in 27 years bringing your first real sense that this year is not a carbon copy of previous years. A call for authenticity and to take your power back makes Monday a day for drawing a new line in the sand.
   Capricorn Monday 19 January 2015  Dec 22 - Jan 19
While the Sun's departure from your sign on Tuesday will bring your birthday month to an end, not only did the main thrust begin months ahead, the job of defining your needs and priorities for the coming year will continue long after the Sun leaves. From Tuesday the solar spotlight will fall into income matters, with a New Moon on Wednesday and Mercury's retrograde turn on Thursday collectively opening the doors to both new opportunities and second chances. It was the Moon's first visit to your career sector last week and a Full Moon in your work sector earlier in the month that have given your new professional year the push it needed and with the momentum of previous years banked, it's becoming more about the money. In the meantime there's a chance for a communication breakthrough.
   Aquarius Monday 19 January 2015  Jan 20 - Feb 18
Your new birthday month and new solar year starts with a bang this week, but considering how much water that has already passed under the bridge it's something that has been underway in all but name since late last year. What might take you off guard is a New Moon on Wednesday, during the first full day of your birthday month, not only calling for a commitment to your new solar year and the journey ahead before the Sun can even settle in, but ahead of Mercury's retrograde turn on Thursday, which will provide an opportunity to reconsider your options. Fortunately there'll be a second New Moon next month, with Wednesday's New Moon a chance to commit to your birthday month and new solar year, knowing this is still a work in progress. However, you should already know what excites you.
   Pisces Monday 19 January 2015  Feb 19 - Mar 20
While the month long wind down of your old solar year begins on Tuesday, requiring you to slow down, consider your options and make time for reflection, with Mars not only already in your sign but aligning with Neptune in the early days of the week there's likely to be a sense of impatience. With Mars already in your sign you're not just opening new doors, but you're likely to find that the energy lag that usually kicks in at this time of year is missing, with Mars fuelling your passions and fighting spirit. The only thing tempting you to keep to a slow speed and pace is that with Venus not due to return to your sign until next week, she's still taking your heart on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, with escaping into your daydreams and old memories highly enjoyable.

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