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General for Week Commencing: Monday 02 March 2015

   Aries Monday 02 March 2015  Mar 21 - Apr 19
There have been a series of speed bumps this year, starting with an opposition between Mars and Jupiter on New Year's Day, but in the early days of this week we reach the fourth and final speed bump, opening out to some extraordinary weeks and months. It's where there have been familiar themes, where you come back to face the same brick wall or road block that this time you've got the confidence and the support to push through. With a Full Moon in your work sector on Friday, just 11 days before new doors open on the income front are likely to bring a boost in financial and professional confidence, your passions and fighting spirit are already kicking back in, with evidence that the laws of attraction and synchronicity are in play, especially in the middle days of the week.
   Taurus Monday 02 March 2015  Apr 20 - May 20
While now familiar work/life balance tension might come to a head in the early days of the week, it's the very fact that they are familiar that gives you a chance to resolve this once and for all. For the fourth but also the last time since New Year's Day a planet moving through your career sector has moved into opposition with Jupiter in your home and family sector, with the message constantly being repeated that you can't move into this professional year without being mindful of what an important year this is for home and family matters. It helps that this time the planet in question is Mercury and that there is support on both fronts, providing the means and the incentive to not only make finding the right work/life balance a priority this week, but finally nailing it.
   Gemini Monday 02 March 2015  May 21 - Jun 21
There are three factors that make a challenging start to the week more of an opportunity than you realise or that it will appear to be at the time, able to appreciate this for what it is, a chance to challenge your excuses and for a breakthrough. The first fact is that while Jupiter, in your communication sector is under pressure the planet creating the pressure is Mercury, so as the bar is raised it's really a push to push through communication barriers. This comes during one of the best weeks of the year for friendship and relationship building and with your relationships well supported creates the potential for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough. With the Moon moving through your communication sector at the time it will be easier to find your voice.
   Cancer Monday 02 March 2015  Jun 22 - Jul 22
Jupiter and Venus are not only both under pressure in the early days of the week they're actively supporting each other, along with support from outside forces. Venus, moving through your career sector, crosses the lunar nodes in the early hours of the week, the points which are working to maintain the right work/life balance. While this won't create too much pressure, it will draw your attention to any work/life balance issues. This comes just as Jupiter, in retrograde motion in your income sector, is under pressure from an opposition with Mercury in your financial sector, bringing real financial tension. However, with tremendous support between income, work and career forces, a smart head for money and the Moon giving you a nose for money at the time, a real breakthrough is possible.
   Leo Monday 02 March 2015  Jul 23 - Aug 22
This is the week that you've been working towards for the last 3 months, the week you've been dreading but that intuitively the week that you know you need. On Monday an opposition between Mercury and Jupiter, the fourth but also the last between personal and relationship forces since New Year's Day, will see personal and/or relationship tensions once more come to a head, this time with support on both fronts to turn this into an opportunity for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough. This is Mercury's last full week in your relationship sector, committed to doing whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to ensure the communication lines are open, able to use any tension to bring things to a head, clearing the air and finally addressing any balance issues once and for all.
   Virgo Monday 02 March 2015  Aug 23 - Sep 22
This is a week that will keep you on your toes, but also change as it progresses. Work tension or a feeling that life's demands are getting on top of you at the start of the week will, by midweek and especially once the fog of war clears reveal itself as a chance to work smarter. By the time the Moon returns to your income sector over the weekend, by which point Mercury will be in his last weekend in your work sector, you'll be ready to regroup, better able to pick your battles wisely. Yet before then a Full Moon in your sign on Friday will bring you to the halfway point in your current solar year and a chance to revisit your own needs, at a point in the year when their focus is on everybody else except you. Meanwhile, expect your financial confidence to grow as the week progresses.
   Libra Monday 02 March 2015  Sep 23 - Oct 23
There is so much competing activity at the start of the week that it could be overwhelming. However, once the fog of war clears you'll see that individually and when they're no longer shouting at each other, that each cosmic force brings a real gift. In his last full week in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart Mercury is competing with forces that want you to be more of a team player, at the same time that your personal and relationship needs may be in conflict. Adding to the melee the professional gods will also want your attention, as you move into the week with the Sun in your work sector and the Moon in your career sector. Once you hear each force in turn you'll appreciate what a smorgasbord of opportunities you're being offered.
   Scorpio Monday 02 March 2015  Oct 24 - Nov 21
This is a week where you can't judge a book by its cover. Even the things that may appear challenging on Monday will reveal themselves as real opportunities by midweek. As you move into the new week the fourth but also the last opposition between planets in your home and career sectors is already underway, greeting you with a wall of work/life balance tension, in what is now likely to be a familiar theme. However, with Mercury in his last full week in your home and family sector there really is a need to remain focused on home and family matters and especially on making sure the communication lines are open. At the same time on the other side of the sky Jupiter is moving into not only some pivotal days for career matters, but with some serendipitous building on the work front as well.
   Sagittarius Monday 02 March 2015  Nov 22 - Dec 21
Just as Venus and Mars are working up to something special in the most fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, where the laws of attraction and synchronicity are in effect and your desires, passions and fighting spirit are being fuelled, there are clues that the professional gods are starting to cook up something behind the scenes. Things don't usually start to move professionally for you until April and even then, if the last few years are anything to go by, it's been a lukewarm experience at best. However that's not what your gut is telling you or a Full Moon in your career sector on Friday, the last before lucky Jupiter returns midyear and before Venus' return to your work sector on the 17th March opens the door new opportunities on the work front.
   Capricorn Monday 02 March 2015  Dec 22 - Jan 19
While there will be no escaping the tension in the early days of the week, especially as you're unlikely to be sure if it's financial or work/life balance tension, a balance of the two and which is the culprit. It's not until the fog of war clears, which it will do by midweek that you'll appreciate that it was not only a combination of the two, but within that was a battle between four very different forces, all vying for your attention. As Mercury moves into his final week in your income sector he's got to pass an opposition with lucky Jupiter in your financial sector, while at the same time Venus is crossing the lunar nodes in the early days of the week, bringing reminders of old work/life balance issues, but also highlighting opportunities on both the home and career fronts.
   Aquarius Monday 02 March 2015  Jan 20 - Feb 18
While the week may get off to a rough start, things will not only improve dramatically by midweek, you're likely to find that it's managed to get some monkeys off your back. For the first time in 12 years your new solar year began with Jupiter in your relationship sector and every planet moving through your sign has been forced to move into opposition, bringing personal and/or relationship tensions to a head. Yet as the goal is to create the right balance between your personal and relationship needs and a new level of authenticity, as that last planet to move into opposition and with the support of communication, relationship and friendship forces Mercury, planet of communication is able to turn this into an opportunity for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough.
   Pisces Monday 02 March 2015  Feb 19 - Mar 20
Don't be surprised or alarmed by a bumpy start to the week, feeling like you're juggling too many balls, you have too many demands on your plate, you're being pulled in too many directions and that something has to give. That something that has to give is a superhero complex, where you believe that you need to be all things to everyone, all the time and the reward on the other side is the means to work smarter. Jupiter, in retrograde motion in your work sector, is under pressure from Mercury in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart, who is asking that you slow down, giving yourself time to hear yourself think. As the week is due to unfold into some massive income, work and career opportunities midweek this is a message you need to hear, when you most need to hear it.

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