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March 8 2015 Weekly Horoscopes Astrology

General for Week Commencing: Monday 09 March 2015

   Aries Monday 09 March 2015  Mar 21 - Apr 19
What a difference a week makes. While life is never designed to be completely plain sailing and there will always be some stresses in our lives, otherwise we'd still be sitting in our deck chairs, outside our caves, it helps when the stars aren't adding to that stress. While the Moon might push some buttons in the early days of the week, this is simply keeping you on your toes when it comes to having the right personal/relationship balance, as well as picking on the wrong planet at the right time. Just as Venus moves into her final week in your sign an opposition from the Moon is likely to provoke you to spit the dummy, refusing to miss out on the things you want. Backed up by Mars, who is firing up your passions and fighting spirit, it's about time you started fighting back.
   Taurus Monday 09 March 2015  Apr 20 - May 20
All is not what it seems on the professional front, with this week's conditions suggesting that it's the end of the road, with Mercury's departure from your career sector on Friday ending all the planetary activity here and in both your professional houses. However, keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground in the early days of the week, with the Moon's monthly visit to your work sector not only providing clues to what comes next, but to some major developments on the income, work and career fronts early next month. Meanwhile, Venus wants you to make the most of her last full week in a nostalgic part of your chart, giving you a chance to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane before the wind down of your current solar year begins next week, which will require more reality checks.
   Gemini Monday 09 March 2015  May 21 - Jun 21
Planetary oppositions and a Full Moon made last week a fairly challenging one, yet this is the week where you get to enjoy the benefits and especially when it comes to any work/life balance pressures and tensions. As you wake up to the fact that life can't be all work and no play and that you can't be all things to all people, all of the time, the professional gods breathe a sigh of relief that you finally get it. As if to drum the message home, just as the professional gods give you a chance to catch your breath before Mercury's return to your career sector on Friday will help you line up for next week's total solar eclipse, the first here since 1998, playful lunar vibes in the early days are just what the doctor ordered. There may even be a chance for a spot of adventure.
   Cancer Monday 09 March 2015  Jun 22 - Jul 22
While there may be a bit of work/life balance tension at the start of the week, it's simply the Moon's monthly visit to your home and family sector putting pressure on Venus, as she moves into her final week in your career sector, easing back from Tuesday. This isn't enough to impact your professional confidence but it is enough to hopefully slow things down, for with lucky Jupiter moving into his final month in retrograde motion in your income sector on Monday and Saturn turning retrograde in your work sector over the weekend, you're running a marathon and not a sprint. In the meantime, last week's financial tensions are already transforming into a new sense of financial confidence, using Mercury's smart head for money to work on your game plan before he leaves on Friday.
   Leo Monday 09 March 2015  Jul 23 - Aug 22
While last week's Full Moon in your income sector has given income matters a much needed push, something you're able to take advantage of once Venus returns to your career sector next Tuesday, for now it's your personal life that is jumping in first, along with a desire and a passion for adventure and a hunger for life's richer experiences. It's Venus herself, in her last full week in an adventurous part of your chart that is bringing a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure, especially as she knows she'll soon be leading a professional charge. At the same time, with Saturn turning retrograde in your romantic sector over the weekend and Mercury leaving your relationship sector on Friday, your relationships and matters of the heart need your attention and the communication lines open.
   Virgo Monday 09 March 2015  Aug 23 - Sep 22
Where last Friday's Full Moon not only brought you to the halfway point in this current solar year but brought any personal and/or relationship tensions to a head, it also seems to have cleared the air. The week begins with an alignment between the Sun and Chiron, with the Sun's healing rays combining to lay any old ghosts to rest. With Mercury returning to your relationship sector on Friday you'll soon have a chance to make communication a priority, though only here until the end of the month the planet of communication obviously doesn't think you need much help and already have this under control. In the meantime, despite or possibly because of some financial tension at the start of the week expect to feel a lot more financially motivated, ready to come out of your corner fighting.
   Libra Monday 09 March 2015  Sep 23 - Oct 23
While Venus will be making her last full week in your relationship sector count and with the backing of Mars sitting on the fence won't be an option, the Moon's position in your sign as you move into the week brings a reminder that this can't be at the expense of your own personal needs. As the last visit before returning as a total lunar eclipse over Easter, there's a need to pay attention to the message behind any personal and/or relationship tension, without thinking that this is the return of old challenges, which it's not. This comes with the support to give your heart and your relationships a voice. The lead up to next week's total solar eclipse will begin when Mercury returns to your work sector on Friday to help get your head in the game and start tying up loose ends.
   Scorpio Monday 09 March 2015  Oct 24 - Nov 21
While you've already reached what until now are the busiest weeks of the year and there is no sign that things are going to ease back anytime soon and in fact will only get busier, with Venus leaving your work sector next Tuesday but the Sun returning later in the week, there's a definite call to pace yourself. Where last week's work/life balances brought a need for balance and a case of Mondayitis might create some short term work tension, these are simply means of getting an important message through. That message is that with lucky Jupiter moving into his final month in retrograde motion in your career sector on Monday and Saturn turning retrograde in your income sector at the end of the week, there is nothing to be gained and everything to lose from burning yourself out.
   Sagittarius Monday 09 March 2015  Nov 22 - Dec 21
The message from the gods and even from the professional gods themselves is to keep your professional hat off as much as possible, mainly because it's not going to last. Where last Friday's Full Moon brought hints of what is to come and has already given stalled professional matters a push, it's not until Venus returns to your work sector next Tuesday, bringing the first planetary activity in either of your two professional houses in 6 months, that things will start to move. In meantime, you'll guard against life becoming all work and no play simply by making the most of Venus' last full week in your romantic and creative sector and embracing the romantic and creative passions Mars is evoking. This is an important week for home and family matters, with healing and cathartic forces in play.
   Capricorn Monday 09 March 2015  Dec 22 - Jan 19
As Venus and Mars not only put the focus on home and family matters but with Venus spending her last full week in your home and family sector, home is where your heart is, they'll both encounter the only speed bump either of them will face, an opposition from the Moon in your career sector. This is something that began over the weekend, with an opposition between the Moon and Venus on Monday really bringing this home in a way that touches your heart and your emotional responses. The Moon will be gone by Tuesday so any work/life balance tensions will be fleeting and shouldn't be too challenging. However, within the professional instincts and the valuable clues, hunches and insights will be clues to major developments on the income, work and career fronts, as early as Easter.
   Aquarius Monday 09 March 2015  Jan 20 - Feb 18
What a difference a week makes, especially as you were right in the firing line of last week's tensions, with an opposition between Mercury and Jupiter once more bringing personal and/or relationship tensions to a head. Yet a week on and conditions have improved dramatically, with last week's challenges having already turned into an opportunity for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough. With Jupiter now in his final month in retrograde motion in your relationship sector on Monday and support from not only Uranus in your communication sector but Venus and Mars as well, this advantage will continue. Mercury's return to your income sector on Friday will bring the smart head for money needed to start lining up for next week's game changing solar eclipse, the first here since 1998.
   Pisces Monday 09 March 2015  Feb 19 - Mar 20
Don't be put off by financial tension on Monday, for it's simply the Moon's monthly visit to your financial sector putting him in opposition with Venus, as she moves into her final week in your income sector. This is not in the same league of last week's challenges, not after feeling the full force of last week's Full Moon. As the Moon moves into opposition this is more likely to see you spit the dummy, with any financial tension very quickly turning into motivation, ready to take a sledgehammer to any remaining glass ceilings. In the meantime, with Jupiter moving into his final month in retrograde motion in your work sector
on Monday and Saturn turning retrograde in your career sector over the weekend, there's a real call from the professional gods to let things take their own speed.

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