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June 21 2015 Weekly Sun Scope Horoscope Live by the Sun Happy Summer Solstace

General for Week Commencing: Monday 22 June 2015

   Aries Monday 22 June 2015  Mar 21 - Apr 19
With such strong relationships being forged between the planets when the Sun and Mars both move signs this will not only impact the area of your chart they're leaving or will return to, but will have a bigger ripple effect. While having done a lot to ensure the communication lines are open, especially on the relationship front, the Sun's departure from your communication sector on Monday and Mars' on Thursday will leave both your relationships and communications in safe hands, with the journey continuing. Yet their return to your home and family sector is set to have bigger implications than just bringing home and family matters into the spotlight, boding well for financial matters on the home front. Meanwhile, matters of the heart get a major boost this week.
   Taurus Monday 22 June 2015  Apr 20 - May 20
While you've reached an important week for income, work and career matters, with the Sun's departure from your income sector on Monday and Mars' on Thursday bringing you to a point where it's now more about tying up loose ends, it's a visit from the Moon that is the dark horse. That visit is to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart in the early days of the week, a visit that because it comes when there are so many bigger things going on, such as work, home, family, money and relationship matters, could fly under the radar. On face value this is the visit the Moon makes each month, temporarily giving matters of the heart a voice. Yet as the last visit before next month's developments there's a need to pay attention to your heart's emotional responses.
   Gemini Monday 22 June 2015  May 21 - Jun 21
While your birthday month comes to an end on Monday and Mars too will leave on Thursday, though not before leaving you with a sense of what excites you, your passions and your fighting spirit, this might be over in name but not in spirit. While the Sun and Mars will shift their focus onto income matters, just as the doors are open to second chances on both the work and career fronts, something that will deepen this week, it's too soon to cement your launch into this new solar year. That won't happen until the 9th July with Mercury, planet of communication and smart thinking and your ruling planet staying behind to tie up loose ends, especially when it comes to talks and making choices, decisions and plans. This allows you to keep your mind and your options open for a while longer.
   Cancer Monday 22 June 2015  Jun 22 - Jul 22
Your birthday month and new solar year might get off to a slow start when the Sun returns to Cancer on Monday, but you'll not only have a head start but you'll catch your second wind by Thursday. The head start comes courtesy of Venus, who having left 16 days earlier has also moved through, giving you a sense of what you want from your coming year before it even began, giving you a head start from the get go. What will really crank this new solar year into gear is Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos' return to your sign on Thursday, for the first time since 2013. This is when those energy levels will kick back in, just as auspicious developments are falling into place on the income and career fronts. Communication is also essential, especially in the early days of the week.
   Leo Monday 22 June 2015  Jul 23 - Aug 22
While the Sun's return to nostalgic part of your chart on Monday to begin the month long wind down of your old solar year will see you move into review mode and even more so when Mars does the same on Thursday this is something you're unlikely to completely buy into. For with Venus already in your sign and the Moon having moved through over the weekend, the doors to the future are already wide open and what lies on the other side is looking particularly tempting. The biggest danger is hurrying up the review process that you need to go through at this time every year, for while this will slow down your march into the future, that future is not only waiting for you it's looking particularly bright. The future isn't in any kind of a hurry, preferring you take the time to close old doors.
   Virgo Monday 22 June 2015  Aug 23 - Sep 22
There are a lot of big news stories this week, like the Sun's departure from your career sector on Monday, Mars' on Thursday and their return to a more social and networking focused part of your chart or a powerful alliance between intuitive and financial forces or a not so powerful but equally auspicious alliance between work and career forces. However, the event of most significance for you is something so small and mundane that the biggest danger is that it may be over looked. That event is the Moon's return to your sign in the early days of the week, a mundane event that happens once a month, giving you a chance to get your bearings and listen to your intuitive responses. As the Moon's last visit before new doors open next month this will be a sneak peek into what the future holds.
   Libra Monday 22 June 2015  Sep 23 - Oct 23
By the time you move into the new week you're just 10 days into a 13 day period where major developments on the income, work and career fronts are locking into place, with the final pieces falling into place during the first four days of this week. As you move into the new week it has been 7 days since Saturn retrograded back into your income sector and 10 days since Neptune turned retrograde in your work sector, opening the doors to second chances on both fronts. Yet it's the Sun's return to your income sector on Monday, Mars' on Thursday and Chiron's retrograde turn in your work sector on Wednesday that locks this into place. By Thursday the doors will be open to second chances on the work and income fronts and new doors will be opening on the career front and it will stay that way.
   Scorpio Monday 22 June 2015  Oct 24 - Nov 21
Despite the fact that you're moving into what has the potential to be one very auspicious professional week there is a counterthrust by adventurous forces that are making sure life doesn't become all work and no play, without taking anything away from the very real edge you have. Last Wednesday saw lucky Jupiter, moving through your career sector, move into a tight alliance with Uranus in your work sector, something that had been building since last July, will peak on Tuesday and hold tight until the end of the week. With the elements of fate and luck and the laws of attraction and synchronicity in play anything is possible, most likely when and where you least expect. Yet the Sun's return to an adventurous part of your chart on Monday and Mars' on Thursday will stop this from taking over.
   Sagittarius Monday 22 June 2015  Nov 22 - Dec 21
There are a lot of headline developments this week, such as the Sun's departure from your relationship sector on Monday and Mars' on Thursday, shifting a huge amount of focus onto financial and money matters, as well as a powerful alliance between romantic, creative and adventurous forces. Yet up there among them is a lunar visit, something that is so mundane that it can often pass under the radar. That visit is the Moon's visit to your career sector in the early days of the week and while, with no planets in either of your professional houses this is a chance to tap into your professional instincts and get your bearings there is something more to this visit. As the Moon's last visit before big professional developments next month the professional gods will whisper some important clues.
   Capricorn Monday 22 June 2015  Dec 22 - Jan 19
While the Sun's departure from your work sector on Monday and Mars' on Thursday won't see the professional gods wrap things up just yet, with a need to keep your work hat on and head in the game, it will take away a lot of the focus, allowing things to pull back to a more manageable level. That will be especially so when Mars leaves on Thursday, but until then there's a need to put everything you have into everything you do, doing whatever it take, for as long as it takes to get things up to speed. Mercury will stay on for another 2 weeks to help tie up loose ends. This is the point where the focus shifts more to your relationships, with your annual relationship review beginning just as the doors not only open to giving the past and unsaid words a voice, but in a healing and cathartic way.
   Aquarius Monday 22 June 2015  Jan 20 - Feb 18
While there are a lot of major cosmic developments this week, all important in their own right, the overriding theme is that the partnerships that will dominate the coming months are locking in place. One theme is on the relationship and communication front, where a major coming together of forces on both fronts locks into place as you move into the most defining relationship months of this year. The other theme is what's happening between the professional and money gods, with the Sun returning to your work sector on Monday, just a week after Saturn retrograded back into your career sector and just 10 days after Neptune turned retrograde in your income sector. Income, work and career forces are all moving into positions they'll maintain for the coming months.
   Pisces Monday 22 June 2015  Feb 19 - Mar 20
On face value, especially in the light of much bigger developments this week, the Moon's visit to your relationship sector in the early days of the week with be a distraction at best and at worst could see personal and/or relationship tensions come to a head, just when you least need them to. For this comes just as a major alliance between income and work forces peaks, creating an especially auspicious week for both income and work matters, but also just as the Sun's return to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on Monday and Mars' on Tuesday is making an all out attempt to create a balance between work and play. Yet the Moon's return to your relationship sector might just be more important, holding clues to major relationship developments next month.

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