Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 15 2015 Weekly Sun Scope We Live by the Sun

General for Week Commencing: Monday 16 November 2015

   Aries Monday 16 November 2015  Mar 21 - Apr 19
While it might not be immediately obvious, the building blocks for 2016 and being dragged into place, while at the same time the forces that will bring 2015 home move into position. It was last week that we saw some big shifts take place, a week where everything until then had lead up to and from then will lead on from, but it's on the other side that some patterns start to emerge. As Venus and Mars spend their first full week together in your relationship sector, with the lunar nodes no longer policing a need for balance between your personal and relationship needs, there is a lot less pressure, while at the same time your relationships head into some of the best weeks of the year. Money and work matters start falling in place, with a sense of adventure in the air by the weekend.
   Taurus Monday 16 November 2015  Apr 20 - May 20
This is the week where the battle to find a balance between work and play begins in earnest, mainly because both sides are more evenly matched. With lucky Jupiter and the North Node spending their first full week together in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, a life that is all work and no play is no longer an option. Yet Venus and Mars, the very planets that fuelled your romantic and creative desires, passions and fighting spirit are spending their first full week together in your work sector and with the Moon returning to your career sector midweek they're getting to bring this professional year home in style. It all comes down to balance, especially with the Sun and Mercury also making this an important week for relationship matters.
   Gemini Monday 16 November 2015  May 21 - Jun 21
While a series of oppositions over the last 3 months came to an end last week, as the North Node spends its first full week in 17 years in your home and family sector and the South Node its first full week in your career sector, they're now standing sentinel over the work/life balance lessons of recent months. In this position now until mid 2017, you're not going to get away with letting life become all work and no play, as you may have in the past. Yet ironically this comes as a four day alignment between the Sun and Mercury in your work sector provides the perfect lead up to Neptune's direct turn in your career sector, with the professional tide starting to turn. Yet all that is being policed is a call for balance, with the professional and domestic gods wanting you to have it all.
   Cancer Monday 16 November 2015  Jun 22 - Jul 22
As far as the love and relationship gods are concerned it's a case of get in first before life gets busier. Yet while Mercury's return to your work sector over the weekend and the Sun's early next week will open the door to a busy end to 2015, there are forces in place to ensure that this doesn't become all or nothing, as may have happened in the past. The Moon's position in your relationship sector in the early days of the week is a chance to make the most of Jupiter and the North Node's first full week together in your communication sector in 35 years, with a chance to cement what is now a long term partnership between communication and relationship forces. Even the Sun and Mercury the forces that will trigger busier times know the importance of the right balance between work and play.
   Leo Monday 16 November 2015  Jul 23 - Aug 22
While a series of oppositions between income and financial forces, that may have created financial tension over recent months ended last week, as the lunar nodes spend their first full week in your two money houses in 17 years, they're here to stand sentinel over a need for balance. With Jupiter and the North Node, the two most auspicious forces in the solar system, in their first full week together in your income sector in 35 years, but Neptune' direct turn in your financial sector on Thursday marking the point where the financial tide starts to turn, both sides need a chance to operate in their own lane. In the meantime, Venus and Mars' first full week in your communication sector gives your relationships a boost, while the Sun and Mercury put the spotlight on home and family matters.
   Virgo Monday 16 November 2015  Aug 23 - Sep 22
While Jupiter's return to your sign in August didn't get off to the kind of start you wanted, it got off to the kind of start you needed, something that will become more obvious as the week progresses. For the last 3 months a series of 10 oppositions between personal and relationship forces have created wave after wave of personal and/or relationship tensions, but as the South Node spends its first full week in your relationship sector and the North Node its first full week in your sign, now that the boundary lines have been established they're here to ensure the right balance is retained. This allows a need for personal growth and new beginnings to operate interdependently with a relationship turnaround that is now underway. There are some playful lunar vibes at the start of the week.
   Libra Monday 16 November 2015  Sep 23 - Oct 23
While your birthday month ended last month it's only now, with Venus and Mars spending their first full week in your sign that your heart is finally engaged and you're starting to get a sense of what excites you. Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos only returned to your sign on Friday, but there will be something familiar about the passions and fighting spirit he's evoking, suddenly waking you up to what you've been missing out on. While Venus will leave early next month, with Mars here until the New Year expect the closing weeks of 2015 to be the most exciting. This is also a good week for income and work matters, with the Sun and Mercury aligned in your income sector from Monday to Thursday, ending just as Neptune's direct turn on Thursday sees the tide turn on the work front.
   Scorpio Monday 16 November 2015  Oct 24 - Nov 21
While there is a need to keep your mind and your options open, the last week of your birthday month is a chance to look to the future. Venus won't return until next month and Mars not until the New Year, taking away any urgency and as your heart is yet to have its voice and you've yet to get a sense of what excites you. There is no pressure to make choices, decisions and plans. Instead, with the Sun and Mercury aligned this is more a chance to get your options and ideas on the table. This week will also see a turnaround for matters of the heart, just as you start to appreciate the importance of having the right balance between work and play. While you'll have no more time to work with, with smart time management and by working smarter you'll make better use of the time you have.
   Sagittarius Monday 16 November 2015  Nov 22 - Dec 21
By far the biggest advantage in a week full of advantages, is the Moon's position in your income sector during the early hours of the week. That's not just because with Jupiter and the North Node, the two most auspicious forces in the solar system, spending their first full week together in your career sector in 35 years a nose for money will come in handy, but that this will make it easier to work smarter. In the final week of your old solar year there may be times when it feels like the wind has been taken out of your sails, but knowing not just where the money is but what's in it for you in general, you're able to work smarter, putting your time and energy into the things that will give the most returns. At the same time work/life balance becomes more important than ever.
   Capricorn Monday 16 November 2015  Dec 22 - Jan 19
Underlying everything this week, whether it's Venus and Mars' first full week together in your career sector, the important week you have on your hands for friendship and relationship building, with a chance for a communication breakthrough or turnaround, is a sense of adventure that isn't going to shift. Because Jupiter returns to your sector of adventure, travel and learning at what is always the most adventurous point of the year anyway, this may have felt like the temporary advantage that vanishes once you move into the most professionally active months of any year. With new professional opportunities opening up and this week a chance for personal and professional networking, yet still a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure holds strong and no matter what you throw at it.
   Aquarius Monday 16 November 2015  Jan 20 - Feb 18
With the Sun and Mercury's alignment in your career sector until Thursday, the same day that Neptune's direct turn in your income sector sees the tide finally turn, you have a good week for career and income matters on your hands. However, if you think that gives you permission to keep your professional and money hats on 24/7 then think again. Even with Mercury leaving your career sector over the weekend and the Sun early next week, there is nothing so urgent that this has to take priority over everything else. Career and income developments will continue to unfold right through until the New Year and well into 2016. Coming to the rescue are Venus and Mars, who in their first week together in an adventurous part of your chart bring a reminder that life can't be all work and no play.
   Pisces Monday 16 November 2015  Feb 19 - Mar 20
It was just last week that the personal and/or relationship tensions of the last 3 months started to ease back, yet this has not only been resolved, but in a way that leaves both sides triumphant. What has turned this into an opportunity for ongoing personal and relationship balance is the fact that the North Node is spending its first full week in your relationship sector and the South Node its first full week in your sign in 17 years, where they'll police that balance right through to mid 2017. This leaves your relationships free to grow, while your own needs remain protected. At the same time, with some big and game changing professional developments over the weekend, embrace a sense of adventure in the air while you can, even if that means playing hooky midweek.

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