Monday, January 4, 2016

January 3 2016 Weekly Horoscopes We Live by the Sun

General for Week Commencing: Monday 04 January 2016

   Aries Monday 04 January 2016  Mar 21 - Apr 19
The first full week of 2016 puts on quite a show, with two planets turning retrograde and a New Moon to get things moving as the doors open to second chances. On Wednesday, just 4 days after returning to your friendship sector Mercury turns retrograde, something that will see him retrograde back into your career sector over the weekend for a double dip visit. With Jupiter turning retrograde in your work sector on Friday, by the weekend and just over a week into 2016 the doors will be open to second chances on both the work and career fronts, while Sunday’s New Moon in your career sector will open the doors to new opportunities. There are also some big changes on the relationship and financial fronts, while a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure takes on a life of its own.
   Taurus Monday 04 January 2016  Apr 20 - May 20
First impressions might suggest that your new professional year gets off to a false start, for while you’ll move into the week with the Moon and Mars in your work sector and Mercury in your career sector, by the weekend they’ll all be gone. Mercury only returned to your career sector over the weekend and you’ll barely have a chance to get your head in the game before his retrograde turn on Wednesday will see him retrograde back out over the weekend. Yet rather than a false start this is a practice run, one that manages to get your head in the game during Mars’ final days in your work sector and the final days of a 2 year mission from the professional gods. While giving your new professional year a head start, this will then buy you time to make money matters a priority.
   Gemini Monday 04 January 2016  May 21 - Jun 21
For months now and in fact for most of the last two years a battle between work and play has waged and while this ends when the Moon and Mars both leave a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on Monday, you haven’t got this far to forget what you’re fighting for. While your new professional year gets off to an impassioned and well supported start and you have something exceptional developing on the relationship front, it will be up to you to keep your romantic and creative passions fuelled and more importantly to maintain the balance between work and play. Playful and adventurous forces in the early days of the week hold clues to what the coming weeks might hold. In the early days of 2016 the doors are open to second chances and new beginnings.
   Cancer Monday 04 January 2016  Jun 22 - Jul 22
It won’t take long to realise that while in most things 2015 is a continuation of 2016 and that professionally the roadblocks, stresses and challenges of the past are behind you, or at least they will be after one last and timely challenge is met. That challenge happens during the Moon and Mars’ final hours in your home and family sector on Monday, when an opposition with Uranus in your career sector brings work/life balance tensions to a head one last time before the forces that have been generating them for the last two years are turned off. Ironically, this happens just as you move into some exceptional weeks on the work and career fronts, but also as the Fun Police show up, not revealing that life can’t be all work and no play, but showing you how it’s done.
   Leo Monday 04 January 2016  Jul 23 - Aug 22
The biggest danger in the early days of the week is not fully appreciating just how important it is to seize an exceptional opportunity to connect and ensure the communication lines are open, especially on the relationship front. It was Mercury’s return to your relationship sector over the weekend, just 2 days before Mars and the Moon are due to leave your communication sector on Monday that has brought a golden opportunity to connect. Yet with the Moon and Mars leaving and then Mercury himself turning retrograde on Wednesday and then backing out of your relationship sector just 3 days later, this is a temporary window of opportunity. While Mars moves onto focus on home and family matters and Mercury back to give work matters a second chance, words matter in the early days of the week.
   Virgo Monday 04 January 2016  Aug 23 - Sep 22
While this might be the first full week of a brand new year, this is the week where the doors open to the past, second chances and a review phase. After nearly 5 months in your sign Jupiter turns retrograde on Friday, bringing a major 4 month review phase, something that over the coming months will require looking back through the rear view mirror, in what is an integral stage in this, the foundation year for a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. However, despite the fact that Mercury will turn retrograde in your work sector on Wednesday, retrograding back out over the weekend, just a week after returning, life will go on. You’ve reached an important week for communication, home and family matters and also the doors open to second chances and new beginnings for matters of the heart.
   Libra Monday 04 January 2016  Sep 23 - Oct 23
A long run of continuous cosmic activity in your sign runs its course when Mars leaves your sign on Monday, bringing not only your Mars return to an end, but a period of personal growth that has been important, but has also created some personal and/or relationship tension over the last two years. This will drop back considerably, but in the process will leave you with a better sense of what you’re fighting for personally, but also a better sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. In the meantime, income matters get a massive boost as the Moon and Mars return to your income sector on Monday, one armed with a nose for money and the other with a sledgehammer and an urge to shatter some glass ceilings. There is even a new sense of romance in the air.
   Scorpio Monday 04 January 2016  Oct 24 - Nov 21
If you’ve found your energy levels lagging and feel that you’ve moved into the year with the wind gone from your sails, everything changes this week and it’s sent to have far reaching consequences. While it’s usual to have your energy levels running low in the final weeks of a Mars cycle, this was compounded by work tensions in the final months of 2015, both of which are solved by Mars’ return to your sign on Monday. Not only will this see your passions, energy levels and warrior spirit rebound, but at the same time will shut off the mechanics that have been keeping work tensions fuelled. This comes just as you’re starting to get a sense of what’s possible on the income front, with the professional and money gods both smiling on this, the first full week of 2016.
   Sagittarius Monday 04 January 2016  Nov 22 - Dec 21
Chances are there will be little taste for throwing yourself back into your new professional year or life in general, but surprisingly a lack of motivation is not caused by apathy but a new sense of calm and confidence that can see little point in knocking yourself out if you don’t have to. This is being felt on both the personal and professional fronts. Personally because Monday will see Mars return to a nostalgic, intuitive and imaginative part of your chart as the wind down to your current Mars cycle begins, but also professionally as Jupiter turns retrograde in your career sector on Friday. Yet with the doors open to second chances on the income and career fronts by the weekend, rushing through life at breakneck speed doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere.
   Capricorn Monday 04 January 2016  Dec 22 - Jan 19
While there is a need to move into the first full week of 2016 with both your money and professional hats on, by the end of the week they’ll be off. Moving into the week with the Moon and Mars in your career sector, your professional instincts sharp and your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit fuelled, gives your new professional year a head start. However, after two years of continuous cosmic activity their departure on Monday brings a chance to take your professional hats off. Meanwhile, while Mercury’s short 7 day visit to your income sector cut short when he retrogrades back out on the weekend, this is a chance to get your head in the game and once he turns retrograde, return to the drawing board with a smart head for money and 20/20 hindsight.
   Aquarius Monday 04 January 2016  Jan 20 - Feb 18
This is one year when you may have to work harder to keep the holiday spirit alive, though as you move into the first full week of 2016 you’ve got all the support and no excuses to hide behind. As Mars leaves an adventurous part of your chart on Monday he not only wraps up his own 7 week visit, but two years of continuous cosmic activity. With things taking a professional turn this week, with your new professional year getting off to an impassioned start, find a way to hold onto a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure. In the meantime, while you may be in the early weeks of a new year you’re still in the closing weeks of your old solar year, needing time to hear yourself think. You’ve also reached an important week for personal and professional networking.
   Pisces Monday 04 January 2016  Feb 19 - Mar 20
The first full week of 2016 provides an auspicious start for your new financial and professional years. For the first time in decades you’ve moved into the New Year with Venus and Saturn in your career sector and due to align over the weekend you’ll not only gain a clearer sense of what you want from this new professional year, but a growing confidence in your ability to make it happen. Meanwhile, while the Moon and Mars’ departure from your financial sector on Monday allows you to start the week with your financial instincts sharp and your financial passions and fighting spirit fuelled, this is the point where the money gods shift all their focus into income matters. A special week for friendship and relationship building will see the doors are open to second chances and new beginni

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