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March 12 2017 Weekly Horoscope We Live by the Sun Feel by the Moon

General for Week Commencing: Monday 13 March 2017

   Aries Monday 13 March 2017  Mar 21 - Apr 19
This week you may feel a sense of relief, without knowing why. But the reality is that you have just managed to survive what was always destined to be the toughest point of the year for you. By mid March it was always the case that at least sixty percent of this year’s challenges would be over, with the rest spread out so thin over the course of the year that they will never have the impact recent weeks have had on you. What you didn’t know though was that sixty percent will play out in a narrow band from late last year to just last week. It was Mars’ time in Aries that may have fuelled your passions and fighting spirit, but it made it hard to relax. Mars’ departure from Aries on the Friday has taken a lot of pressure out of the year itself, while at the same time allowing you to channel his passions and fighting spirit into smashing some glass ceilings on the income front.
   Taurus Monday 13 March 2017  Apr 20 - May 20
Even just the first 24 hours of the week make it clear that this is a week where a balance between work and play is a must, but also where it is finally possible as well. The two challenges you’ve faced over recent weeks have been an abundance of work tension and job pressure and a lack of energy. When you’re feeling tired, don’t have any wind in your sails or gas in your tank everything is going to seem harder. This is why Mars’ departure from Aries and return to Taurus on Friday has changed everything. At the same time that this took the pressure off work forces, Mars returned to Taurus to fill up your tanks with a fresh supply of energy, passion and drive. Yet it’s a Full Moon in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart that brings a timely reminder that life can’t be all work and no play.
   Gemini Monday 13 March 2017  May 21 - Jun 21
What should be a busy professional week is anything but and even a Full Moon that has been pushing work/life balance issues since the weekend is likely to be receiving a warm reception. With the Sun in his last full week in your career sector and Mercury leaving on Tuesday, a Full Moon in your home and family sector is all about challenging busy professional forces, with a reminder about the importance of work/life balance. Yet while there is an abundance of professional confidence and anticipation, there is no urgency and work/life balance is something the professional gods themselves are already working towards. This comes just as you’re likely to find it harder to sweat the small stuff. If you can find an easy way to do anything, either personally or professionally you’ll want to find it. Nothing seems the challenge that it was until now.
   Cancer Monday 13 March 2017  Jun 22 - Jul 22
While nothing may actually change, you may still have the same responsibilities and may still be juggling the same balls, everything will seem a lot easier this week. This all comes down to Mars’ departure from your career sector on Friday. This saw the professional pressure and urgency of recent weeks drop back, while also easing the pressure between your home and professional lives. In addition, Mercury’s return to your career sector on Tuesday will make it even easier to work smarter. Even easier because this was already available to you. However, Mars loves hype, drama and passion. Without denting your professional momentum the whole pace of your professional year has gone from fast and heavy to slow and steady. This is giving the rest of your life a chance and home and family matters in particular.
   Leo Monday 13 March 2017  Jul 23 - Aug 22
While the pace of your professional year had increased dramatically with Mars’ return to your career sector on Friday, there is no pressure or the manic sense of urgency that will make this challenging. Instead, starting the week with a Full Moon in your income sector will give you a nose for money from the get go, making it easier to work smarter and pick your battles wisely. The only danger was this may have put an end to a passion for adventure Mars has spent the previous six weeks fuelling. However, there is no danger of that, despite the fact that the career opportunities that begin opening up this week will continue to run through to July. Playful and adventurous forces are just too robust to move aside, but in reality they’re not competing with each other. You should have no trouble enjoying this professional surge without life becoming all work and no play.
   Virgo Monday 13 March 2017  Aug 23 - Sep 22
The weekend has been a watershed period, one that has drawn a line in the sand between the challenges of the first few months and the rest of the year. For you, the weekend’s Full Moon in Virgo makes this an even more defined line in the sand. By the time the Moon leaves Virgo and the Full Moon wraps up on Monday, you’ll feel that this really is an opportunity for a fresh start. In particular, you will notice a drop in financial tension or just from a constant need to remain focused on money matters. If you found yourself almost running through numbers in your sleep, then you’ll be especially relieved. It was Mars’ departure from your financial sector on Friday that took away a lot of the financial tension, while leaving income and money matters more evenly balanced. Yet the real gift has been a sense of adventure that began taking hold over the weekend and is here to stay.
   Libra Monday 13 March 2017  Sep 23 - Oct 23
What a difference a few days make, with the weekend in particular having offered an opportunity to reboot, starting the week feeling a lot more relaxed. You can thank Mars’ departure from Aries, your ruling planet on Friday for that. It was Mars that was keeping your personal and professional relationship tensions fuelled, even after they began dropping back last week. Even if this hadn’t presented as relationship tensions, there has been a general sense of pressure over recent weeks. This makes things harder than they seemed or just when you thought you were already dealing with the hardest things you could deal with, Mars showed you could handle more. While there is still a need to balance your personal and relationship needs, you will find that life becomes a lot easier and more relaxed this week.
   Scorpio Monday 13 March 2017  Oct 24 - Nov 21
While it is unlikely that your work load is going to drop anytime soon, that constant feeling of being under pressure from an almost manic work load and pace, is dropping right back. Mars moves through your work sector once every two years and these will always be the busiest six weeks of any year. For the first time in 12 years you have Jupiter in a nostalgic, intuitive and imaginative part of your chart and he has policed a need for time to hear yourself think. Mars didn’t like that, which is why he simply became more manic as he fought back. Yet his departure on Friday means that not only has the hype and pace dropped back, but any work tension and job pressure. This will make like in general seem a lot easier. Obey the speed limits and slow down if you feel that you have to.
   Sagittarius Monday 13 March 2017  Nov 22 - Dec 21
Your professional year has just taken off with a bang, something that is still getting a jump start in the early hours of the week. After Mars’ return to your work sector on Friday and then the weekend’s Full Moon in your career sector, there was no slow build up. One moment a contingent of forces across the income, work and career fronts was keeping the wheels turning and the next minute job and career matters were exploding into life. While the six weeks that Mars will spend in your work sector will be busy, they won’t be as manic as they have been in other years. The engines have already been idling across the income, work and career fronts so not a lot of effort will be required to get things up to speed. At the same time playful forces are too strong and well supported to let life suddenly become all work and no play.
   Capricorn Monday 13 March 2017  Dec 22 - Jan 19
Life itself but both your home and professional lives in particular become a lot easier from this week. While a need for balance will remain and your home and professional lives will remain in active competition, you will find this a lot easier to achieve. The heat has gone out of any conflict, at the same time that this lets Venus and Jupiter work together. Venus is in retrograde motion in your home and family sector and Jupiter is in retrograde motion in your career sector. They both want things to run smoothly and in retrograde motion neither wants to push or hurry things. What has been a challenge is more likely to fall into place naturally. At the same time the Moon’s return to your career sector on Monday will bring a chance to reboot any stalled professional forces or just your professional confidence in general.
   Aquarius Monday 13 March 2017  Jan 20 - Feb 18
Everyone is going to benefit from the fact that a standoff between Mars and Jupiter is over, taking a lot of the pressure out of the air. Even if you weren’t feeling this yourself, just having everyone around you stressed can be draining, not to mention a vague sense of pressure you may have struggled to put your finger on. Mentally you’ll find things feel less pressured, while you will also find it easier to connect without getting fired up or without others getting fired up. It is the fact that the hype and drama is drawing back that brings a new sense of confidence. This should be a week for tying up loose ends on the income front, but a lack of urgency suggests that you haven’t yet explored your full potential and that’s exactly the case. The Moon’s return to your career sector on Friday will also bring clues to the professional developments ahead as well.
   Pisces Monday 13 March 2017  Feb 19 - Mar 20
If your birthday month until now has been fairly stressful expect this last full week to be a lot easier. However, this is not the fault of your birthday month and more a case of timing. Any tension is more likely to have played out on the financial front, regardless of whether you were dealing with financial challenges or not. Mars is a planet that loves to create hype and urgency and as he moved through your income sector he has been happy to feed off pressure between income and financial forces. There is a good chance that Mars created challenges where there were none. In the meantime, Mars leaves you with motivation to exploit both new and untapped potential across the income and financial fronts. At the same time Mars’ first full week in your communication sector might already be a game changer, especially on the relationship front.

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